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“I have been impatiently waiting for Knox and Katherine‚Äôs story and was not disappointed.” –Laurie

Join the Tribe in Mystery, Alaska where you will find protective alpha heroes with fangs and fur and strong sassy heroines who are perfectly capable of saving the day without any help at all.

The day Katherine Manitok finds out werewolves are real is the day she finds out she’s in love with one. When she comes home from a long day of work at the Mystery, Alaska community center, she finds a bloody and battered wolf stretched across her front porch. Except when she gets up the nerve to touch the wolf, his fur turns to skin beneath her fingertips.

When those glowing golden eyes look up at her, she knows she’s a goner.

Welcome to my cave of wonders! I’m so glad you stopped by! I write paranormal romance, fantasy with a twist of SyFy, and I’m working on some paranormal mystery and paranormal women’s fiction that will be releasing fall of 2020. I do have one series of contemporary romance with marriage of convenience as the main theme. I mostly love things with magick and adventure and a bit action!
Krystal’s Bookshelf

The VonBrandt Pack, MoonBound, and Bad Boys, Billionaires, and Bachelors Series all exist within in the Somewhere, TX World. You will see characters crossing back and forth through the series. All the books are stand alone “happily ever afters” and don’t have to be read in order, but just in case you want to…

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