Announcements and Shannan’s Sanctuary Patreon News for October!

Announcements and Shannan’s Sanctuary Patreon Channel News!

I can’t believe it’s already October! The last few days in North Texas have been positively delightful. I halfway considered digging my sweatshirts out of the top of my closet today. It was in the 60’s in the morning. I ran around and opened all the windows for the whole morning two days in a row. It was amazing! Crossing my fingers for the streak to continue!


I’m a couple weeks late announcing the winner of the KindleWhite from my online subscriber giveaway that ran over the summer and ended in September. But I went to the NINC writer’s conference and I had to finish Aarav and Connie’s book before I left town….so, I’m announcing the winner now! Everyone’s name was in the hat! No matter if you entered on the landing page, if you were already a newsletter subscriber, or if you’re a Patreon follower/subscriber!

Drumroll……….. Ann is the lucky winner!

Ann has been notified through the giveaway page and through my personal email. 



(Serial Fans+)

Chronicles of the Veil is amping up! Are you ready for it? What do you think happened to Dawn? I will be posting chapter 40 by this weekend!


My Viking Vampire YouTube LIVE Reading is scheduled for October 13th at 9pm CST.

I’ve started writing a new book! 

The first few chapters for Immortal Mate are posted and ready to be read! And you get to read it WAY before its release date next year. Loving this new world. I will have lots more to share about it as the month progresses. I’m working on maps and castle blueprints and so many things! So much fun! I posted the Character Card for Hawke just a couple days ago. Be sure and go back and look at that if you missed it. My goal is to finish the first draft by the end of November and send to my editor. ***Crossing Fingers*** Then I’ll start on the next Soulmate Shifter book Been There Dragon That in December and hope to finish that for a late winter release! I’m still poking at Pandora Released. There’s something wrong in that story right now and my brain hasn’t figured it out. So it’s just hanging around on hold for now while it percolates. Thank you for your patience.


The Live Zoom HANGOUT  is scheduled for October 22nd at 5pm CST. Can’t wait to chat!

Community goal update—-when Shannan’s Sanctuary gets to 25 patrons I will schedule a Live Zoom HANGOUT open for all paid Patron levels to join! 

Thank you all so much for supporting my writing and being the most amazing fans ever! I can’t express to you how much it means to me. Thank you. If you’re not a part of Shannan’s Sanctuary be sure to pop over and at least Follow for Free.


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