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  1. I was notified that I had won Krystal Shannon’s Swag Pack back in January, however I still haven’t received it.

  2. I love your books Krystal and I love the giveaways you have! And for being the awesome author that you are! And I think you’re a great mom!

  3. I have to go back to the first book of The VonBrandt series, Luke VonBrandt. First he’s a wolf, my favorite animal. Second, he’s the first VonBrandt I read and instantly fell in love with his personality. His heart is as big as Texas!

    1. I must agree with Luke VonBrandt being the Best character. I could just also be that this too is the first book I read from Krystal, but definitely won’t be the last. There are too many to list as my favorites. Keep on writing we love you Krystal !!

      1. I can’t even pick out a favorite food, let alone a character. But I did like Luke as well. I felt like I knew him forever. Have a great day and thank you so very much for the opportunity!

  4. My Viking Vampire.
    I really liked Bailey. Her determination to keep going despite those after her. Even though Erick did agree to keep her safe, she still pushed on.

    1. I totally agree with this! Bailey just wasn’t in a position to trust but she’s come a long way. And Erick is so patient!! Love it!

  5. My Viking Vampire: I just love Erik (a vampire) who is so protective and patient with Bailey (a human) who was abused by her ex. He was just awesome!!

  6. I’ve not yet had the joy of reading any of the wonderful sounding books I have on my kobo app, but I am looking forward to starting My Viking Vampire on my next day off (And probably finishing it, can’t wait till Friday!)

  7. I really can’t point to one favorite character. I always say, Ohhh, I love this one, then I read the next and that’s my new favorite. I love them all.

  8. Each of the leads in your Sanctuary series, each time I open a new book I fall in love again.

  9. Scott from Saving Margaret he was just so sweet and caring and he’s a bear shifter which next to dragon shifters is my favorite.

  10. Oh that is a hard question… so many great characters and stories… I am leaning towards Adam VonBrandt as my fav.

  11. I love your writing it really draws me into the story and I am unable to put the book down. The VonBrandt series is stuck with me. Usually I just read the free books but this one drew me in to buy the others in the series. Great job!!

  12. I love the sanctuary series all sorts of mythical creatures fight against the lama sue sorry can’t spell and human so that the different creatures so they can live in peace but so far that hasn’t happened but they will fight for it

  13. Hard one but i am going with Bailey from Viking Vampire. Despite her hard life she keeps going i like that

  14. I love love love My Vampire Viking!! I have read that book more than a dozen times and fall in love with Erik a little more each time!!! Looking forward to getting more Sanctuary books!!

    1. I love love love My Viking Vampire!! I have read that book more than a dozen times and fall in love with Erik a little more each time!!! His understanding and compassion towards Bailey and his determination to pushes her towards being stronger her!!

      Looking forward to more Sanctuary!!

  15. Krystal,
    I must say I’m dying to read your My Series/ Sanctuary. I’ve been saving upso I can get the entire series before I start reading it. That way I don’t have to wait between books. That’s one thing I don’t like about being on disability!!!

  16. I get books for 2 of my sisters since I am not the reader and they love reading. My sister liked Teagan Rourke just because she enjoyed the romantic read

  17. All of them !!I adore each of them and at the time reading then it is Luke , then I read about Chase then Eric oh well all of them !!

  18. I’m new to your books, but have seen several I’m anxious to read and learn which would be my favorite hero/heroine.

  19. I love your initials… they used to be mine AND I am Scottish, so love the Celtic design too. Your books are awesome too!!

  20. So sorry, I forgot the rest of my answer’s. I think I’m going to go with Bailey from My Viking Vampire.
    It’s got me intrigued because of the extraordinary mythical creatures so the reviews talk about, but also I like the idea that each book has a different type of character. The entire series sounds unique…

  21. There are many remarkable and unforgettable ones, like Eric from My Viking Vampire.!!
    Thank you for this wonderful chance!

  22. My fav is to Love a Mate, and that would be Emma because she is such a bad a** and is so strong ! She is who I wanna be when I grow up, LOL

  23. What a great giveaway! Books = adventure. Characters = new friends. Authors = my favorite people.

    1. So, I forgot to answer the question about my favorite hero or book of yours. I can’t answer because I haven’t read any of your work. Yet. Headed to Amazon to check out the Sanctuary series I keep hearing about. Maybe the vampires too…

  24. Not fair Krystal. I can’t choose I love the Moonbound series and I think maybe it is the Sanctuary series I remember Adam’s story, These are the kinds alphas I enjoy. Hopefully this comment gets in as this is my second attempt.

  25. I think my favorite hero so far really is Erick from My Viking Vampire. There is just something very sexy and mystical about Erick. *sigh*

  26. I like your books and Samantha and Chase because they are really a strong team! Thanks for the chance!

  27. I don’t really have a favorite I like them all but for me I would have to lean towards Chase Michaels. Because he’s my favorite shifter (wolf) plus he’s bad ass, sexy and oooolalala yummy. Plus he’s the first chunk of hunky man candy I read of yours.

  28. I really love My Viking Vampire. Erik is an awesome character. He has so many layers to his personality. He is fascinating.

  29. I have a super soft spot for Marco from the Moonbound series. I mean a sexy and sweet shifter that can cook, what more could you ask for?

  30. The Werewolf Cowboy (Moonbound Book 1) I love the sheriff, Allan VonBrandt and the woman that is going to tame him!!!

  31. My favorite hero would be Erick. My Viking Vampire was the first Sanctuary book I read and led to me reading the others.

  32. I really liked Bailey from My Viking Vampire, she was really cool. Didn’t take crap from anyone and just kept going and took everything in her stride so well. And then her becoming just extra badass at the end. She’s so rad

  33. Sanctuary Series and Las Vegas series are faves of mine. Sam from Las Vegas mates and Margaret from Saving Margaret are the best. So much story in there and by the end I still wanted more! Lots of action and strong females.

  34. I am new to your books and I just downloaded My Viking Vampire, so I will be starting it tonight ..

  35. Oh Dear! *hanging head* Although I have a few of the Sanctuary, Texas series in my tbr mountain, and they sound really fun and interesting, I haven’t had time to read any of the them yet. *sigh* So I cannot name a favorite character. But those titles – My Viking Vampire and My Dragon Masters – well I really need to get on to reading those. Thank you. aka Becky

  36. Scott is my favorite – from Saving Margaret – BEARS RULE! Loving your writing and you have opened a new genre for me.

  37. I choose Erick Thorson from My Viking Vampire because he promises to keep miss Baily Ross protected and safe from the ones that are hunting her… while in the process he falls in love with her

  38. Too many to choose just one … I loved Morgan and Conner in your short story “Morgan’s Match”. There was so much chemistry going on between them.

  39. Diana from My Dragon Masters is an awesome fighter even when she had no memory of who and what she was. I also love Miles and Eli her mates, who knew she wasn’t dead…love eternal!!

  40. I haven’t read any of yours yet, but hoping to read My Viking Vampire this weekend. At least that is currently my plan.

  41. I’ve actually not read one of your books yet… though I have 3 on my reader and hope to delve into them soon! Erick Thorson sounds like my dream hero… Love paranormals…

  42. I haven’t had the chance to read any of your books yet but I hope to here soon I have just closed my store and have some free time 🙁 to read now .

  43. I love your books. It’s like hitting the Jackpot when you find a new set of wonderful books to read.

  44. My Fav (of your books I have read so far) is “My Viking Vampire” with Bailey and Erick. Bailey’s growth in the story, and Erick’s caring and protectiveness, with all the other great characters, made it a book I loved.

  45. I think it’s a tie between Allan VonBrandt & Erick Thorson. They both just have something that just speak to me.

  46. Luke VonBrandt (To Save A Mate) is my fave hero from your books! He inspires me because he does what he has to do and dang the consequences. Very cool guy and I wish we could meet him in person. Any chance this book could be a movie?

  47. Your a new to me author after reading the comments I’m heading to Amazon. I can’t wait to see why everyone loves your books.

  48. Rose is my favorite from the “Sanctulary series” because whos would love her she’s a great character.

  49. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t read any of your books yet, so I can’t pick my favorite. 🙁

  50. Hi, I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of your books but I look forward to doing so! And thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

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