Bearly A Chance (Part 9)

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Bearly A Chance (Soulmate Shifters in Mystery, Alaska Book #3.5)

Chapter 9

One of Ryder’s strong hands slipped around the back of her neck, tightened, and pulled her mouth to meet his.

Everything poured out of Ava at once. Her frustration. Her doubt. Her desire. Her fear. Her pleasure. The kiss was everything she’d dreamed it would be and the promise of more. Her belly tightened. He angled his head, kissing deeper. Harder.

A half moan slipped from her throat. Her hands rose of their own accord, digging her fingers through his long black hair, wrapping tightly and pulling him closer. She stroked her tongue against his and a growl erupted from his chest.

He took charge of the kiss. The amazing mind-numbing all-encompassing kiss. He stroked every part of her mouth. Fought with her tongue. Nibbled at her lips.

Her body quivered and shook as desire coursed through her body. Her skin tightened. Her nipples were hard against his bare chest. Need for him burned away all other thoughts. She reached for his hard cock, wrapped her fingers around his thick girth and tugged.

Ryder fingers laced into her hair and he growled into her mouth. “Shuarra,” he said, his voice breathy and deep. “I would take you now.”

“Yes,” Ava said, her tone more of a desperate whine that she would’ve preferred to admit. She let her hand slide down his granite hard silky length. “Make me yours.”

A moment later her back was against the shower wall. She slapped at the lever until the running water shut off and stopped pouring over them.

His hands were on her ass now, lifting her up, aligning her core with his shaft. Everywhere he touched burned like he was fire and she was ice. His mouth trailed down her collarbone, kissing and sucking and nipping until her breath hitched and she gasped for air.

Pure unadulterated desire tugged from deep inside her, radiating out from her belly to between her legs to the very tips of her fingers and toes. Every inch of her body was primed and ready and hungry for his touch.

His chest heaved against hers. He pinned her tighter to the wall of the shower and guided her legs around his waist. She ran her hands over the magnificent expanse of his body, appreciating and memorizing every small line and detail. She would know him by touch. By smell. By so much more than sight.

His cock bobbed just below her sex, teasing and prodding and testing her non-existent patience. “Ryder,” she moaned, her voice a husky growl. “Please.”

His mouth clashed with hers again. Their tongues mated and danced and consumed each other. A promise of how he would claim her very soon.

“I will not be slow, Shuarra. I will not be gentle.” He tore his mouth from her and nipped at her wet shoulder, a precursor to a real bite.

“I need you now,” Ava said, digging her fingernails into his biceps. She rocked her hips, dragging her wet throbbing clit over his waiting cock.

Ava’s back arched. Pleasure unlike any she’d ever felt rocketed through her body with his first thrust. Then again with his second. So deep. So full. In and out. Harder. Harder.

She whimpered and clung to him, wanting more. Needing more. And then she crested. A soft scream tore from her throat as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over each and every cell in her body. Ryder kept pumping and driving and taking everything she had to give.

“Mine. Shuarra.”

“Yours,” Ava cried out as Ryder ground his pelvis against her already super sensitive clit. Another orgasm rocked through her before the last one had completely faded.

So good. So good, she thought desperately. Wildly. And yet, she wanted more. She let herself sink into the trance he was weaving around her. There was only Ryder. Only his scent. Only his touch.

Her bear rose from inside, the growl rumbling from inside her chest like a caged animal. Magick swirled through her and around her. Her fangs elongated and she snarled possessively before sinking her them into the meat of Ryder’s shoulder. The bitter metallic of his blood spread through her mouth along with a peaceful feeling of completion.


Ryder tasted his mate’s blood. Felt her body wrapped around his. Felt her clamp down and milk his cock.

Everything was amplified, the pleasure unbelievable. He continued to mate her, thrusting into her hard and fast, joining them as one. As Fate intended from the start.

His wolf recognized her bear. Her mouth remained clamped to his shoulder, giving him a mark he would carry for a lifetime. His fangs descended and he leaned into her neck, licking and tasting until he found the soft spot he sought. Then he bit.

Her body tensed around him. Her sweet sex spasmed around him as another climax rocketed through her body. This one brought his forward. Brought his seed up and he roared, jerking his hips, pinning her even harder to the cold tile wall.

“Ryder,” she moaned through where her lips and fangs met the skin of his shoulder. Her bite burned with a pain he relished.

He needed her more than he’d ever needed anything in his whole life. More than his pack. More than his family. She was everything.

Time froze while they soared together, flying in their passion and new soul mate connection. He forced his eyes open and watched the glow fade from her tanned skin. It was done. They were bonded. Connected forever.

He released her neck and licked the puncture wounds his fangs had created. They would heal quickly. Reyleans always did.

“Mine, shuarra, Ava.” He shifted, drawing his cock in and out again, and loving the little moan of surprise that slipped from her lips. She released his shoulder from her mouth, licked the wounds a couple of times, cleaning the blood and then leaned her forehead against his arm, taking in little shuddering breaths.

He wasn’t even close to finished with his new mate, but he wanted more than a cold wall to show her how he could care for her. How he could make her scream until she had no energy to move from his blankets. How he would never leave her again.

He glanced behind him at the small wash room. The floor was hard stone squares except for the bright rug and his discarded tosa. But his mate slept in this house. She had to have a sleeping mat or bed somewhere.

“Where do you sleep, shuarra. I would make you mine again. Every day until I breathe my last.”

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Ah, Ava and Ryder! That’s the end of their novella, but you’ll see them again in the next Soulmate Shifter book -Wolf At The Door! I hope you enjoyed them and I can’t wait for you to get to know Knox and Katherine 🙂 Be sure to leave a comment and let me know you stopped by!

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  1. Finally, Ryder came to his senses, looking forward to Wolf at the Door, enjoying this series immensely.

  2. ????? Thank you so much for taking the time from all you have going on to give us this. Looking forward to seeing your new family soon.

  3. Awesome!! So hot!! Love Ava and Ryder!! Can’t wait for the next story. You’re an awesome writer!!

  4. I waited until you were finished to read this and I absolutely loved Ava and Ryder. Can’t wait to see more of them and to get to know Knox and Katherine. Love your books! Thank you for writing them and sharing them with the world.

  5. Hard headed men takes them awhile to see what’s best for them. Loved it and all of Mystery ?

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