CHRISTMAS ENCOUNTERS – Rafflecopter Winners

IF you’ve been waiting to see who won. I want to apologize. There were some technical difficulties with Rafflecopter’s website. But the winners have been drawn from the entrant list, they just aren’t showing up on the actual widget.

Here’s the blog post to see the rafflecopter



$100 GC – Tabitha Tully

Enslaved Trilogy Audiobook by Shoshanna Evers

Winner 1: Christy

Winner 2: Anne Nelson

The Wrong Room by Geri Foster

Winner 1: Heather Rizzuti

Winner 2: Colleen C.

Winner 3: Vickie Raynor

The Key Club Vol 1 by Jan Springer

Winner 1: Danita

Winner 2: Tina

Winner 3: Bettie

Jet Setting Escort Series (Book 1) by Monique DuBois

Winner 1: Danisha Wade

Winner 2: Melissa

Winner 3: Corissa

Audiobook Copy of the entire Jet Setting Series

Winner 1: Sandra Dendy

Naughty and Spice by Titania Ladley

Winner 1: Shannon Flynn

Winner 2: PJ Nusbaum

Winner 3: Karla Eakin

Saving Margaret by Krystal Shannan

Winner 1: Erin Richards

Winner 2: Susan Sabol

Winner 3: Renee Jeffries


All winners should have an email from one of us 🙂

Happy Holidays,

Krystal Shannan



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