Day 3 – The Countdown Continues!

I’m so excited to continue the countdown to MY VAMPIRE KNIGHT’s release! I’ve got goodies and giveaways coming your way every day until it releases on June 9th! I’ve got all kinds of summer fun to giveaway. Signed paperbacks, purses, beach bags! So much awesome! And then after it releases, I have more surprises.

And, guess what! I’ve got a digital prize for everyone each day! So you’re always a winner!

You’re gift today is another awesome screen saver or wallpaper for your phone, tablet, or laptop.

If you missed the previous days’ giveaways, be sure to go back and visit the blog posts from Thursday and Friday and enter those rafflecopters as well! All the giveaways run until the end of the month. So you have lots of time to make sure you get your name in ALL the “hats” so to speak! Good luck! And thank you for reading!

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I stared at woman. Her dark eyes shimmered in the mid-day sun. Her skin glowed with life, and her long dark hair, almost black, fell in waves over her shoulders. My fingers itched to feel it. To see if it was as soft as I imagined. Blood rushed south, and my cock hardened as desire filled my veins. I wanted her with every fiber. Only a will of iron stopped me from teleporting to her side and taking her right then and there against the wall.


LOVESHE Bohemian clutch/wallet and awesome paperbacks!

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95 Responses

  1. I haven’t started them yet. I was hoping to start them last night, but life got in the way.
    Hopefully I can start tonight.

  2. My favorite Sanctuary character is most definitely Alek!!!! He is not only completely HOT, but he’s honorable, loyal, and has an incredible amount of stamina and every girl loves that in her man!!!

  3. CONGRADULATIONS Krystal on your upcoming release of your new book. I haven’t read them yet. Not because I don’t want to but because I like to read an entire series together and I just haven’t had the money to get all of them at this time. Disability isn’t much so I may be able to have a little extra one month but not the next. So, I’m trying to catch them when they go on sell for us. I don’t want to start reading them and have to stop. But I will get them. Again, congratulations…

  4. I haven’t read any of the books yet but hope to soon. I am still sorting through my collection and prioritizing. I’m still learning how to navigate the different kindle programs.

  5. I have to say Rose is the biggest baddest in the town! And how can you choose the hottest!!

  6. Haven’t read it yet but Godric sounds awesome . I will have to catch up.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) l (dot) com

  7. There’s something about your first…Erik is pretty awesome, but honestly, I love them all and really cant pick just one.

  8. Erick Thorson is my favourite cuz I’ve only read Book 1 so far. But, I downloaded book 2-My Dragon Masters, to read cuz I loved Book 1 so much.

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