Day 6 – The Countdown Continues…

Thank you for joining me again for DAY 6! Only three more days before you get to have Calliope and Godric all to yourself. While you’re waiting, there are more goodies!

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Falling in love is a killer. Literally, for Siren Calliope Hart.

Any man she love will die—a curse courtesy of her father and the reason for her tragic past. She’s determined not to suffer like that ever again.

Then the heart-stopping-wipe-the-drool-from-your-mouth-sexy Godric Devereaux shows up. He’s a disowned vampire-djinn hybrid on a mission to save his niece and rejoin his family—if only he can prove he isn’t the monster everyone believes him to be.

Calliope sees right through the bad-boy persona and into the heart of the dark creature who only wants to belong. He’s determined to claim Calliope as his own. All she wants to do is protect him from her curse.

But war between supernatural forces brings with it a battle of trust and betrayal, and Calliope and Godric must discover if true love can break the spell—or if the curse will keep them apart forever.

USA TODAY BESTSELLING Author Krystal Shannan leads readers on a breathtaking journey through the heart-stopping final book of her bestselling Sanctuary, Texas series. Fans of paranormal authors such as Patricia Briggs will love this urban fantasy adventure packed with shifters, magic, and spell-binding romance. Get your copy today!

“Shannan weaves a sexy, action-packed tale sure to keep you turning the pages late into the night.” ~~Liliana Hart, NYT Bestselling Author of the Rena Drake Series

Sexy vampires, dragon shifters, and werewolves! See how the scintillating romance and the exciting saga ends!




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111 Responses

  1. I like vampires so I would say Eric. Already preordered My Vampire Knight so that could change lol

  2. I am a new reader so I don’t have a favorite yet. I am glad I found you and good luck with your release.

  3. My favorite book genre is paranormal romance. I love vampires I am looking forward to reading this story.

  4. Bailey is my favorite. Because even though she is just a human and finds herself continually in situations that are far beyond her “normal” comprehension she doesn’t allow any of it to stop her from getting what and where she wants. I guess it is her stubborn determination to rise above the challenges of her past and move on with an open heart that i like best about her.

  5. I haven’t read your books before, so I am looking forward to finding my favorite character when I do read them…which will be as soon as I can buy one!

  6. Chase Michaels from your Vegas series is my favorite because he was not afraid to fight for what he wanted.

  7. I don’t think I could pick just one character. I like them all for various reasons but I think it’s also that you make them relatable, despite being shifters, vampiresor human.

  8. Thank you for the chance. I have loved all the characters but if I can only pick one it would be Bailey. I met her first and she was such a surprise.

  9. I don’t like to pick favorites. I have several of your books on my kindle – from cowboys to vampires and werewolves, they all work for me. Thank you.

  10. I love them all but I do have a special place for Eric, he is big and bad but still so gentle on the inside. He was the first one I read and I fell in love with him!!! LOL I have been hooked ever since.

  11. I can’t choose just one…They all are amazing and each one has a spot in my heart….even those you had to kill off

  12. Ooh choosing a fav is hard… I have been drawn into your series and have loved each story I have read! I will lean towards your wolves….

  13. My favourite’s would gave to be Marco and Aria from The Werewolf Bodyguard. Because I felt for Marco when he found out about his father (cough, sperm donor) and Aria is tough as nails and I love her devil may care attitude at the start.

  14. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity & congrats on your upcoming book release! Best of luck everyone 🙂

  15. I don’t think I can answer that, a lot of the characters are very good that it is hard to choose a favorite!

  16. Nope just can’t make a choice. …I’ve lived this whole series. I’ve reread it a few times.

  17. Bailey because she never gives up or gives in and fights what life tries to dish out to her so she can live exactly how she wants.

  18. Rose! She’s just a magnificent person! She’s so sweet and open, yet a take no shit from no one type of woman! I truly admire her character ???

  19. Being a new reader I don’t have a favorite yet. Congrats on your new release.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  20. I am so excited about the new release, I have read the entire series. I’m not sure I have a favorite character, they are all amazing and it seems to change with each book.

  21. I love any books with vampires in them so I will have to say Erik is the fav so far but that could change! Congrats on your new book release! Thanks for the change to win!

  22. it isnot easy to pick only one but i think callilope is interesting, her clothes that self adjust so cool

  23. I hate to say it, but I haven’t read any of your books, so I don’t know your characters. 🙁 I would love to get to know them! Thanks for the chance to win! rw620 AT aol DOT com

  24. Whichever one I’m reading at the time is my favorite, until the next one comes. Lol I can never choose as they all have something that I like.

  25. Again Krystal…
    I’m sure your next series will be just as good as this series. Can’t wait until I have the entire series. Thank you for this chance…

  26. don’t have a favorite because I always fall for the one I am reading about at the time

  27. Sigh, why do I have to pick just one? I love all those VonBrandt boys. But if I have to, it would probably be Allan VonBrandt from the Werewolf Cowboy. There’s just something about cowboy sheriffs who go all furry sometimes.

  28. My Dragon Masters, Miles and Eli Blackmore never gave up trying to find Diana. Yummy twins…oh my!!

  29. its hard to pick just one – Eric was the first book of yours I read but I do enjoy the VonBrant brothers

  30. Diana, because thats my name and I love ve putting myself in the female leads place as i read the book and it’s awesome when they’re saying my name !! Lol

  31. I learned about you through this giveaway so I don’t have a favorite but you immediately went on my tbr after checking out the books. I want to get through at least a couple of them this summer. Since this seems to be a popular answer, which book(s) is Eric in? I think I’ll start there.

  32. I have a few but my absolute fav is Marco from moonbound. A sexy, sweet and smart shifter that can cook? I mean, what more could you want 😉

  33. Unfortunately, I haven’t read any of your books yet but would love to! Thanks for the awesome opportunity! 🙂

  34. Calliope…… She had been through so much. She and her sisters. And the fact that no matter what she was bound and determined to save her sisters… along with the fact that even though she didn’t want to care about anyone she really did.

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