Genre: Fantasy Romance

Krystal Shannan

My Guardian Gryphon

A beauty and her beast… Gretchen has been falling for the Gryphon of Sanctuary a little more each hour she spends in the Castle library.

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Krystal Shannan

My Warrior Wolves

Passion, heat, and desire…Only they can ignite her animalistic fire. Still grieving and trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, Charlotte “Charlie”

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Krystal Shannan

Mastered Teagan

Nobody could fix her or claim her.She belonged to nobody.Pain was her game. Self-deprecating and guilt-ridden she-wolf, Teagan Rourke, has been to hell and back.

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Krystal Shannan

My Eternal Soldier

“Vampires have never been so sexy or dangerous!” – Liliana Hart, NYT Bestselling Author of the Rena Drake Series The saga continues with the vampire

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Krystal Shannan

My Dragon Masters

A pulse-pounding, sexy, fated mate triad, fantasy romance!
I don’t know how much time has passed.
I don’t know where I am or where I’m going, I just know that two men are waiting for me and that I belong with them.
My body burns with a hunger I can’t describe.
I’ll do anything to find them and so will the beast that lives inside me.
Her soul calls to us.
We’ve been looking for a way back to her for a thousand years.
She’s ours to claim. Ours to love. Ours to protect.
FIRE AND ICE in the ultimate reunion story. Two men. One woman. More passion than your ereader can handle.

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Krystal Shannan

My Viking Vampire

Bailey Ross’ world is crumbling around her. Her abusive ex, a human, is closing in on her again, and to make matters worse, a new enemy, a djinn, is stalking her. This supernatural being takes great pleasure in human pain, something Bailey has in excess thanks to her ex. If she’s caught by either, she’s as good as dead! Backed into a corner and desperate to escape, she does something she swore wouldn’t ever be possible again – trusting a man. And he’s a vampire!

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