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I have a surprise for you this week! Cover Reveal! The next book in the Soulmate Shifters in Mystery, Alaska series! I haven’t even started writing on it, cause I’m neck deep in a brand new project and series (more on it soon, I promise), but I need some help. If you’ve read Aarav’s book, Lion Conquers All, then you know I gave some hints toward what was coming next. …….drum roll….. DRAGON!


Who’s excited now!?!

I do need some input, because I’ve been unable to settle on a name for his heroine. In fact, I don’t even know who his heroine is yet. It can’t be anyone he’s already met. So….. if you’d like to have some input on this story, I’m all ears! Post your name suggestions! Your “wishes” for something that might happen in the series. Ask me ALL the questions I haven’t answered for you yet!


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  1. I’ve always loved the name Brielle and would love to see someone use it someday. As for suggestions, I don’t do that. I love shifter stories and love the mystery and not knowing what’s coming. Just keep writing please.

  2. I think it would be great to have her named after my daughter. She is feisty and already has an attitude at age 4!.
    Her name is Mikhela. (Thats the actual spelling of her name)

  3. Name: Rylee, might sound like home to a shifter.
    Her job: Maybe vet or wildlife biologist, which could be interesting with all the animals in Mystery.

  4. Good Morning,

    I was thinking about the name Eliannda, or Elissandra or Elianna for your new heroine. A name that sounds almost ethereal, but a heroine that is the opposite of what her name sounds like. Hope this helps.


  5. My daughter’s name is Keisha (Japanese for “sweet as a rose” if memory serves, pronounced “Kaysha”) with a second name of Cheyenne (named after the tribe & their 100mile March in dead of winter). She’s (1st generation on my side of the family) Canadian born of mixed heritage (Scottish – Dad’s side., British, Indonesian, Persian, German, Portuguese & South African (KhoiSan & another tribe I can’t remember right now – my side; I’m 3rd generation South African born), She’s beautiful, stubborn, carefree, adventurous (in ALL aspects of the word), intelligent (loves debates), pro Green & social justice, has no sense of smell so is NOT a great cook (but she tries), bakes like dream, dress sense is questionable (comfort based), zero tolerance for fools, loyal to her family & friends, enjoysxher alcohol, fierce like a warrior and totally & deeply in love with her fiance and their almost 2yr old son. With all that said, that’s why I’m suggesting HER name.

      1. How about Amanda Nicole she from Idaho and she is outdoor women that love to go biking on trail and she want to enter the bike race 500 mile to win like she can finally complete something. She is the size of the Amazon women.. I have got my boyfriend hooked on your boots now this was his idea. Mine was an Asian woman princess running from a marriage her family given her too. Sysco Prince but cross over Russian and ends upon boat in storm where it crashes in the rocks she is the only server and washes up on Alaska shores Myling Ming fine herself lost, wet and confused were she is at.. and the guy’s name is Rohan

  6. Hi Krystal. Ooh, pretty cover!! How about Ayla for a name. I’ve liked that name since I read the “Clan of the Cave Bear” series.

  7. Melina? Celeste!? Sky? Leila? Azul? – what if shes been living deeper in the mountains then everyone else? because shes been substantially living? ive been hooked on “life below zero” a show in Alaska on disney plus! its pretty interesting and people in small villages or even be themselves are away from civilization and solely dependent on themselves. hunt and live with bearly anything. Maybe shes bad ass like that!

  8. im hoping we get to see more magic benders! maybe one can be for Liam! 😅😂🤣 i luv liam! your new character could be bad ass like the dragon!! maybe not damsel in distress .and lives and hunts too in the wild. ❤️ whatever you do can’t wait!

  9. Hi Krystal
    My name is Areena
    I’m the Princess Dragon whose mating was arranged since the last surviving male Dragon from my kingdom died. As a result my mating was arranged before my hatching. But my mate is now married with Dragon heirs and he I know arrived in Mystery.but probably doesn’t even know I’m alive and now a Queen. I must decide whether to mate with my fated mate or demand he fulfill our families commitment. And since both our families are no longer do we have to?

    Queen Areena and Maureen O’Callaghan
    P.S Maureen’s from
    Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

  10. LOVE the cover! How about the name of Andi, short for Andrea. or Andromeda. Love reading your books. the stories are great and the characters so realistic.

  11. A name you could use either Florence or Tawney Alexandra (the spelling is correct she could be part british, and not know she is part shifter after being bound as a child, perhaps.

  12. Gorgeous cover, as for heroine names only one comes to mind right now and that is Shannon Leigh or Shaylee as she was called by friends. January 18th Mark’s the 4th anniversary of her death and I miss my sister. She died less than a month after her son’s 18th birthday, and his Dad just died last year from Covid. So yeah Shannon is on my mind.

  13. I love the name Lior, It means “Gods gift of light to me”. And yes it is a girls name! Anyways that’s my suggestion. Good luck choosing.

    1. Tasha, runaway mom with a little boy, trying to escape her abusive rich ex-husband that will stop at nothing to get his son back. They fly in to Mystery to escape him and get caught in a snow storm only to be rescued by our hero. He helps them settle and realizes she is his shuara. Nobody, not even an evil husband will stop him to save them.

  14. Stormy Weathers. I think that is a fun name that you can really play with. The other one is the name I have for my dog because she is cute and 4 lbs. That is Button (as in cute as a button)

  15. First off, love your series! Always chomping a5 the bit for more lol! Next up, name suggestions: Loryn, Willow, Lilliana (Lilly) or agree with Faith as a possibility!

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