Highway to Heath: #DeathToSugar

HealthMy name is Krystal and I’m addicted to sugar.


Sugar and sweets are not my friends. They have been for so long that I forget the damage they do every time I eat them. Every time I reach for them to comfort me through stress or annoyance or boredom. A lot of you that follow my newsletter know that I’ve been tracking my food through My Fitness Pal and that has been a great first step for me. Learning portion control. Learning to limit my intake.

And I cleaned out the freezer

The problem is that limiting wasn’t enough. I still ate the bad stuff, just in smaller doses and my body refuses to let go of the pounds weighing me down. I was talking to my friend Becca and we share a lot of the same struggles. So we’ve decided to take a permanent step forward with a goal that’s achievable. Something we can do to take a step forward.

  • No refined sugar
  • Walking 20 min a day

We’re going to check in with each other and stay accountable every day on Facebook, Twitter. I’m sure we’ll continue to blog post about it too. This is a problem that so many people struggle with. It’s not ours alone. Our whole country struggles with an addiction to white sugar. It’s everywhere. In everything.

I cleaned out the pantry

But eating is a choice. Taking drugs is a choice. No one is force-feeding me ice-cream and m&ms. I AM CHOOSING to eat them. Sure my brain is telling me how delicious they are. How they make me feel happy and satisfied. But it’s a lie. Maybe for the five minutes while I’m eating it, I feel good. But after that. After that I’m feel guilty and ashamed that once again I made a terrible choice for my body. For my overall health.

I found out yesterday that I have sleep apnea and I’m going to have to start wearing a CPAP machine at night. I’m angry and scared and the first thing I wanted to do was eat.

But I didn’t. I vented to Becca and we decided to take the Highway to Health. Our first two pit stops are eliminating refined white sugar and walking EVERY single day.

This also is a CHOICE. I have to make it every day to change the habit I have. It is not going to be easy. I’m gong to want to not do it. My brain is going to lie to me and say the other way is no big deal. That it’s no use to try cause I’ll never be able to change.

But I can.

I will.

And I invite you to come along with us.


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