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geralt of rivia

A friend of mine had the final book in her dragon series release this week! If you tried the Dragon of New Orleans I shared in last week’s newsletter from Genevieve, then take a peek at the final book in the series. It’s complete. Which means you and I can binge read. Which brings me to my two questions this week…

Do you like to binge a series? Or do you like to read slowly over several years as the books release?

Comment on the blog post below or on the Patreon post to let me know how you like to read and your name goes in the drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card!

The picture of Geralt is because he’s beautiful, he is my inspiration for the hero Hawke in the book I’m currently writing, and I’m re-watching both seasons of the Witcher right now because I’m sad there’s no more. So just watch them again. And again. And again. Soon I’ll be able to quote the whole thing word for word, LOL.

HUGS & Happy Reading –Krystal


The Last Dragon by Genevieve Jack

Resurrected after three hundred years trapped in the underworld, Marius must face a world that has moved on without him. He finds relief from his nightmares in a dragon named Harlow, the alluring daughter of a washed-up Paragonian aristocrat. When echoes from his time in the underworld pull Marius back into the violent domain of the dead, will his bond to Harlow be enough to guide him back to the living?

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61 Responses

  1. I like to binge read for sure!! I have a very hard time waiting for new books in series, however…. Some series are definitely worth waiting for!!

  2. When it comes to reading a series, whether I binge read it or read it slowly depends upon when I discover it. If I find it when it first starts coming out, I read each book as it’s released. But if I find it later on, I will binge read it to catch up then read the books as they come out.

  3. I love to binge read a series. Waiting for the series to be finished can drive me nuts if I love the story. 🙂

  4. I like to binge read, especially if I have a free day and just want to be lazy.There is nothing better than binging.

  5. I Binge! I love when I can find a completed series! Drives me nuts waiting for a new book to release! Totally gonna check this one out, I really enjoy dragon stories.

  6. I prefer to wait when possible until the series is done so I can binge. I don’t have enough patience usually to wait 6 months or more for next in series. I do have 1 or 2 exceptions, but mostly I wait until it’s finished to read a series, although I may start a series if I know it is a book or so from being finished. Reading is one of the best ways for me to relax, so I don’t want to stress over when each book is coming!

  7. I rather read the series within a short time. I read over 500 books a year and by the time the next book comes out I will have to reread the previous just to remember all that happened. But if I can do a whole series within a few months I have the anti copy between books but also don’t forget what happened in the previous book.

  8. I absolutely binge read as I can’t get enough. And need to know what’s happening. Then I get annoyed as I have to wait ages for the next book m the series.

  9. I love to binge read, as I cant wait to find out what happens in the next book. Just love to read and the stories are captivating. Thanks for the awesome books. XOXO

  10. Oh binge read I hate when I finish the first book in the series and there isn’t another one following it until way later. 😀

  11. Thanks for sharing The Last Dragon with me, I’m definitely going to be reading it! To Binge Read or Not to Binge Read, my answer is both! I don’t mind waiting for the next book in a series to come out, I love the anticipation and excitement as the release date gets closer, yes, sometimes it’s frustrating, but I want the best book possible and I don’t want the author rushing it if he/she doesn’t think it’s ready or if they have other books to write (especially since I read those, too). But as it gets closer to the release date, I usually binge read the series so far to get caught up and once a series is complete, yes, I whole heartedly binge read the whole series whenever the mood strikes me! All of this does not apply to serials, I don’t read serial or episode stories until they are complete.

  12. I like to binge read be cause When the book is real good it’s hard to put down. I multitask when I’m reading. I just don’t want to stop reading it’s relaxing. With ALL the pandemic around us I need comfort and reading is my number one thing to do👍🏾

  13. I am definitely the binge reader. It almost breaks my heart to wait on a book. It frustrates me to get to the end of the book and the next one is not scheduled for release maybe six months to a year. I know some series are ongoing but I do like some closure.

  14. I like to binge read.. I remember that I finally read JD Robb’s first book Naked In Death, and yep, I was hooked. I got all the books that were available in the series, and just read them, one after the other. I think at that time, there were already over 40 books! Took me a while there. I do stalk series, and yes, definitely get antsy waiting for a next in series book. Anyone remember the Harry Potter books, and the preorders? That’s me right there, 😀

  15. Once I get into a series, I can’t put it down. So I guess I binge read. I haven’t read any in this series yet. Can’t wait to get my eyes or ears if comes in audio.

  16. I love to do both. I’m a gluten for punishment when I finished the book and it ends on a cliffhanger I drive myself crazy until the next one comes out. When the final book comes out I read the whole thing before I read the last one.

  17. I like the wait between books. I believe it is because I became used to waiting and started a routine of rereading the series before the next release. It may seem crazy, I will reread a series with a dozen books or two dozen books in the month before the next release. When rereading a good series it flows and I love to wonder about the direction an author will take the characters and their world.
    I have the same anxious feelings as everyone else waiting. Sometimes my expectations for the next book starts before I have finished the current release.

  18. When I discover a series I like to binge it… Now as soon as the new book comes out for that series if at all possible I drop what I’m doing and read it lol there’s a few series as I do that too.

  19. I enjoy reading both ways. Sometimes I will wait for the final book and other times I will read as each book comes out

  20. I can do either option, but I prefer to binge read a series (love me some bundles!). Even though I’m impatient, sometimes waiting for the next book in a series makes enjoying that book sweeter.

  21. I love to binge read! I often reread an entire series when a new book comes out. It’s so hard waiting for a new book in a series. I love your books Krystal Shannon! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story telling with all of us! I will always pre-order your books because I know I will love them. My favorite series of yours is the first series that introduced me to your books Sanctuary Texas. I love all of your series though. I’m so glad that I decided to try your first book in Sanctuary Texas. My Viking Vampire. I quickly ordered the rest of your books in the series. I then read all your other series. You bring your characters to life and I fall in love with all of them. Obviously I’m a huge fan! Sincerely Thank You for all your books in all your series! I love them all!

  22. I usually prefer to binge read…get them all and just read through over a weekend or week or two (depending on how many books are in the series)….I like closure prior to moving to a new series.

  23. I definitely like to binge read as I love a series over a single book. I get so attached to those characters in the books Ha! If the books come out slowly I still read them but always seems like after the last one I have to go back and then binge read them again, I seem to pick up stuff that I missed the first time.

  24. I’m a binge reader. My ideal time to begin a series is once the final book has released, or at least have a release date scheduled. If a book is turned into a movie before I’ve had a chance to read it, I watch the movie first. (I’ve never had a good book ruined for me because I saw the movie first, but we all know what happens when you’ve already read the book and the movie doesn’t measure up!)

  25. definitely binge…it’s like watching a long movie…I do the same thing with Netflix…I look for series that interest me and watch until I need to go to bed…sometimes I am reading between breaks

  26. I like to binge read! If I have to wait for the next book, I will read the book(s) prior before reading the newest one.

  27. When I find a book I can’t put down I will then buy every copy in the series and binge read. Then I’m sad because I’ve finished.

  28. Sometimes I wait and collect the books in a series so that I can binge read; other times I read them as they come out. It depends on what I’ve got going on in my life. I, too, am sad that I can’t see more Witcher! I tried to watch only one episode a day, but the end came too soon!

  29. I love to binge read a series when I get the opportunity. Right now I’ve been ARC reading for a lot of authors … I gotta do something productive while I’m hiding at home away from Covid …so I don’t get the opportunity lately. I’ve been reading as they come to me. I prefer to binge so I can immerse in the author’s world so I don’t miss any details or Easter eggs.

  30. Mostly binge a series, every once in a while I will pick up and go the slow route to remind myself why I prefer the series way…. but usually not too often.

  31. I love to read all the series in one go and get very annoyed when I have to wait for the next one to be finished

  32. Binge reading is my absolute favorite way to go! I do occasionally read them as released and it’s exciting and all but once I find a series I love, it’s binge reading all the way.

  33. I’d both. Whenever a new book comes out in a series I’m reading, I start with book 1 and read in chronological order. Keeps the characters & storyline fresh for me. Sometimes I discover details I issued before.

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