Loving Hallie - Krystal Shannan

Loving Hallie

This princess can’t settle for less than royalty...

Werewolf shifter princess, Hallie Demakis is on the hunt for romance. looking for a mate is harder than she ever thought. Worried that she'll end up with the last guy on her list, she has one stolen Valentine's Day kiss that changes everything.

Sexy and rugged, head of security, Vance just might be Hallie's mate. Despite their growing attraction, her royal status forbids her to be with him and Hallie can't afford to cave to her desires. Pack politics demand her choose a royal mate. But will Hallie forgo her duty and find true passion this Valentine's Day? 

Note to readers: Previously seen in the Once Upon A Time Anthology

Hallie finally gets her own happy ending. What a great finale to this series!” –Amazon Reviewer