MoonBound Series

"The Moonbound series promises to be an electrifying experience and I don’t want to miss a second!"
~ Literary Addicts

Here are the books in this series, listed in the recommended reading order. Click the covers to learn more about each book, find retailer links, read excerpts, etc.

The Werewolf Bodyguard

After facing a major blow to her ego, werewolf bodyguard Aria LeBlanc decides to drown her sorrows in the delectable tastes of renowned chef, Marco DiSanti. But one little taste is not enough—for either of them. As they begin to sample more and more, Aria uncovers the truth about Marco’s past. As an unbonded and unstable werewolf, Marco worries of getting too close—uncertain of his ability to control himself after shifting. Fearless and courageous, Aria promises to guide him, helping him to confront his past and embrace his future. But can Marco let down his guard and give his body—and soul—to the bodyguard who stole his heart?

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The Werewolf Ranger

Unbonded wolves are unsafe—something Rainer “Rain” DuBois knows all too well. As a former leader of the Black Wolf Rangers, it’s his job to find them, protecting packs from all over the country. With a mission to lead a team of enforcers into the heart of Mexico to face off against a madman, nothing can derail him from his goal. Until he meets Nora Cavanaugh… Teaming up with Rain is just what Nora needs to escape her relentless and unforgiving family’s grip. Always forced to walk the line, Nora craves a little rule-breaking of her own. But working with Rain ignites a magick that Nora thought fizzled out long ago. Giving in to that pull, that familiar and hot sensation, just might put them in more danger than they ever imagined.

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Chasing A Wolf

Vegas pack enforcer, Tom Rivers, will do anything to help the mysterious Kenna find her mother. As the adopted daughter of an unknown mountain pack alpha, Tom finds Kenna entrancing and irresistible. As a fire erupts between them, igniting passion and desire, they don’t realize that the closer they get to locating Kenna’s mother the closer they are to danger. With a vindictive traitor on their tail, they must battle their enemies while still fighting for what they discovered along the way—each other.

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Seducing A Wolf

She’s an enigma. Controlling and driven by day. Sensual and submissive by night. And his plan is simple… Seduce her into submission. In order to find the crack in an enemy’s business, Alex Sureda and his team must find a weakness on the inside. And their rival’s beautiful daughter, Juliana, is their greatest shot. But when Alex starts to feel a connection for her, he has a decision to make: protect her from the truth or reveal her father for who he truly is.

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Saving A Wolf

A battle between loyalty and conscience… Magick and desire… Blissfully unaware of the depth of Rossi’s organization, Luther Frost has remained loyal to the one man who’s always protected him. And needing Rossi to survive becomes his ultimate problem. When the strong-willed and persuasive Maggie Gallagher convinces him who his boss really is, Luther is torn between his loyalty to the man who keeps him alive and to the woman he desires. Resisting their magick is out of the question, but exposing the dangerous and vengeful Rossi could cost Luther his life. Now it’s up to Luther to decide: turn against his boss or turn against his conscience? Only one can win.

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Broken Wolf

Paying a debt may cost him his life—or his heart. When an old friend seeks his help, Russian mercenary Vadik Nabatov doesn’t hesitate for a second. After all, he owes Luther his life. But something is off. Luther isn’t the same, and even a professional like Vadik might be in over his head. The last thing he needs is to enter into enemy territory with Andrea VonBrandt, who stirs up a desire in him that he thought was long gone. But sitting back and letting Andrea go into a madman’s lair as his submissive is asking too much. She can’t possibly face a crazy billionaire alone. Now, it’s up to Vadik to save the woman, so he can save his heart.

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Hunted Wolf

With plans to kill a psychopath, nothing will stop him. Not even the magick. Holding a gun and storming a beach like a courageous soldier is strange territory for Hannah Lee, a quiet Portland EMT. Stepping foot on that beach changes everything for her. Feeling an undeniable magickal pull, Hannah knows her real mission: find the wolf who sets her heart on fire. She never expected him to come in war paint and Kevlar, wielding an automatic weapon. But Viper has an agenda of his own—despite the attraction he so desperately feels. Will he succumb to the magick or will his vendetta stand in the way of what Fate desires?

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