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My Warrior Wolves

My Warrior Wolves 

Passion, heat, and desire…

Only they can ignite her animalistic fire.

Still grieving and trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, Charlotte “Charlie” Mason attempts to rebuild after a tragic loss. But when she’s betrayed by her uncle and finds herself in harm’s way, the courageous she-wolf must enlist the help of the two men she sent away–the same two men who left with what remained of her broken heart.

Trying to resist the temptation to go back, Travis and Garrett McLennan can barely control the desire building within them–a desire only Charlie alone can satisfy. When the wolf brothers receive her cry for help, they know that the time has finally come and their shared mate needs them now more than ever. But with danger knocking on the threshold, can they get to her in time, saving her while holding on to what they both want?

The villain in this series is infuriating, you just want to reach into the book and kill him yourself! Just when you think he’s been bested he gets the upper hand AGAIN. Really makes the pages fly by, I can’t read as fast as my brain wants to get to the next page.                                                                                                              – Amazon Customer