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The Baby who loved Mom more!

Today I wanted to share a video my hubby found and we both laughed at. The little girl on the video is just adorable. ENJOY!

What do we think of Dracula?

So I'm a HUGE paranormal, SyFy geek, werewolves, vampires, fairies, anything and everything Supernatural *sigh* (Sam and Dean Winchester) are right up my alley. I've been keeping up with the new TV show DRACULA, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I find him a good fit for the role. What you think? I loved him in THE TUDORS and if you haven't seen that series….OMG! You are missing out. I'm really getting into the backstory and the connection between his late wife and the new girl Mina. Still haven't figured out exactly how all that's going to play out, which is good. I don't like to have a show completely figured out in the first season. So far, I'm giving 2 Thumbs up for NBC's DRACULA.

What are your thoughts? Open to all opinions don't be afraid to comment.


Krystal Shannan

Writer Wednesday with Krystal Shannan – Are you following the rules?

As usual, I'm sharing a fabulous blog post I found quite helpful this week about building up a good reference library for yourself as an author. This week I've chosen a great article by Kristin Lamb.

“If we don't understand the rules, we don't know how to intelligently and artfully break them. Maybe we will write something unique and successful without ever understanding POV. But then how do we duplicate that success if we don't know how we created it in the first place? This is akin to going in the kitchen and tossing ingredients in a bowl without knowing what they are, how they taste or how they work together (or don't). Maybe we'll make something yummy…or maybe we'll make a chemical bomb.” –Kristin Lamb

Top Pick for Structure.

Top Pick for Character Development.

Guide for Social Media 2014!


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Writer Wednesday with Krystal Shannan – Do you ask the right questions?

An exploit lately led to a very interesting article on Plot. I thought I would share with all my author friends!

For each scene: 7 Essential Questions of Plot:

1. Does the scene establish the date and setting?

2. How does it develop the character’s emotional makeup?

3. Is the scene driven by a specific character goal?

4. What dramatic action is shown?

5. How much conflict, tension, suspense, or curiosity is shown?

6. Does the character show emotional changes and reactions within the scene?

7. Does the scene reveal thematic significance to the overall story?

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