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ARC Review of CASEY’S WARRIORS by Ann Mayburn



Author: Ann Mayburn

Series: Bondmates Book 1

Genre: Sci-Fi, FantasyMenage

Heat Level: 5 Flames

Coming June 24th!

Lorn Adar has searched more than a lifetime to find his bondmate—the one woman he was born to love and the only woman who can save him from the approaching madness that threatens all unbonded males of his race. When a wormhole opens from his galaxy to Earth and the women who could hold their future, Lorn will do all in his power to not only find his mate, but show her a Universe she never knew existed.

Casey Westfall’s normal life changed forever when she finds the sexy leather clad man on her doorstep. One innocent kiss leads to an adventure that will span worlds and Casey will have to choose between the man who is the other half of her soul and never seeing her family or her world again. To complicate matters Kadothians live in polyamerous family units and Lorn will have to convince his Earth bride to accept not only his love, but the love of his best friend and brothers in arms or risk the chance of losing them to either the madness or the Hive—the race of sociopathic women bent on destroying and enslaving everything in their path, but Casey can’t see loving more than one man as being anything other than a sin. Lorn will have to teach his bride that she was created for both of them just as they were created only for her.

In a Universe where all is possible, the battle to protect not only his people, but his heart rests on the soul of a human woman who must face the unknown and take a leap of faith that could save or destroy them all.

This was not my first Ann Mayburn book, nor will it be my last. I had the great pleasure of getting to read an ARC of CASEY’S WARRIORS and I was not disappointed. I don’t read much science fiction romance, but I’m letting you know …you won’t care one smidgen that the heroes are aliens from another galaxy, so don't shy away from it because of that. You will be too caught up in the fabulous characterization, the vivid storytelling, and the smoking HOT romance between Casey and Lorn, Casey and Nast, Casey and Lorn and Nast, Lorn and Nast, and a few others get a taste in as well. Let's just say orgasms were plentiful and I wished to be in Casey's place on more than a few occasions 🙂

I don’t write reviews that tell the plot. So if you were looking for extra hints about what happens in the book…nope, not gonna happen. I can tell you that I considered the book excellently written and very erotic. I couldn't wait to turn each page and I did read the book in one sitting, staying up until the wee hours of the morning because I just couldn't put it down. I will warn you, if you blush easily, prepare to burn from head to toe.

Solid 5 Stars Ms. Mayburn! I can’t wait for the next Bondmates book!


Find out more information about CASEY'S WARRIORS at Fated Desires Publishing

I received CASEY'S WARRIORS ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Winners – Summer For Love Blog Hop!

Summer For Love Winners

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A Summer For Love Blog Hop! #SummerForLoveHop

A Summer for love blog hopHi! So glad you came by today to visit!
A Summer For Love… I think of picnics, strawberries, a sweet chilled wine, and the man I love spread out on a blanket with my head nestled comfortably in the crook of his shoulder. Heaven. The sun is bright, but not blinding and a soft breeze stirs the air, cooling the summer warmth just enough to make it very comfortable. That's what I want 🙂

Here's a hot summer excerpt from my book LIZZY. Enjoy!


“Can we eat outside? The sunset is just gorgeous.”

“Sure. Let me get us some tea and I’ll meet you out there.”

“I can help. I really do feel fine.”

“Let me pamper you some.” He shooed her out the door and she wandered over to an uncovered portion of the patio with two chairs and a small square table between them. The wooden chair was surprisingly comfortable. She leaned her head back and soaked in the multi-colored kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and yellows. So beautiful. She closed her eyes and listened to the waves on the lake.

“Are you sleeping again?” He chuckled as he put down a tray of food and two glasses of iced tea.

“No!” She turned abruptly to face him, catching the tail end of a wide grin. Tease. “I love this place. I don’t know how you leave it behind and come back to the city again once the weekends are over. I could live out here permanently.”

“I’m glad you like it. I’d hoped you would.”

“How do you have the time to keep it so immaculate?” Her mom was a neat freak, but this place resembled a photo in a magazine.

“Oh, I have help. Greg takes care of the outside and his wife, Terri, makes sure the inside stays in order. She also stocks the fridge for me every Friday.”

“Who are they?”

“They live down the road a couple miles. My grandfather hired them to take care of the property several years before I inherited it.” He sat in the chair next to her and grabbed a cracker from the plate. “They already knew the property, so I kept the same contract with them my grandfather already had.”

She bit into a sweet grape and couldn’t help the little moan of pleasure that slipped from her lips.


Their gazes locked and she nodded. “Thank you. It’s all delicious. I know it’s not what you’d rather be eating.”

His eyes darkened. Or maybe it was the light from the sun fading to blues and purples.

“I would much rather a taste of you,” he said.

Nerves fired throughout her body, sending arousing flutters of anticipations across her skin. The ever-present hum of her libido kicked into high gear and her pussy throbbed. She wanted the same thing. After so many weeks of sneaking around, trying to find a moment to be alone…Now they had a whole two days.


Lizzy - standardKeeping secrets is dangerous…and painful.

The last man who found out Lizzy MacLaughlin’s secret left without so much as a goodbye. Now, utterly in love, Lizzy holds her breath that her six-month relationship with retired army ranger, Ethan Hart, won’t end the same way.

Life is never perfect…or easy.

Ethan is head-over-heels in love with Lizzy, and warring schedules make time together precious. Determined to be together without interruptions, they plan a weekend getaway at his lake house –unaware the past Ethan is trying to ignore is coming hell-bent on destroying what Ethan holds most dear.

Will Lizzy’s secret tear them apart, or will something far worse threaten their very lives?

Available @ Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | B&N


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