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The Fundraiser Begins!

Thank you for voting and helping us choose the designs to represent Somewhere, TX and Sanctuary Texas series. So excited! Today is the day! The store is OPEN! Remember that 15% of all swag shop profit is going directly to the ACH shelter. I will be personally packing necessity items and delivering personalized backpacks with the special ‘holiday hug' adoption symbol.

Please help me support children and teens in the local ACH shelter this holiday! Purchase your swag from the Krystal Shannan store at today and use the code HOLIDAY15% through Sunday to get a discount!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be safe.


Krystal Shannan

Vote On Designs!

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming by! Please be sure to leave comments below to tell me what kinds of swag you like to purchase. Shirts? Hoodies? Bags? Jewelry? Mugs?

Then also cast your vote on your favorite designs to be made into swag to represent the Sanctuary, TX series and the VonBrandt, Moonbound, Somewhere, TX books!

1)Pick a letter (A, B, C) for the Sanctuary series

2) Pick (2) numbers for Somewhere, TX (There are a mix of designs for the Moonbound/VonBrandt books and then 3 designs for Everyday Joes' bar!

Just a quick reminder if you missed my previous video explaining the project. 15% of profits from the swag shop will be used to build bags for the kids at my adoption agency's shelter (local to me in Fort Worth). Help me, help these kids! We can do it together! We can make sure these kids are seen and heard and feel just a little bit of love when it looks like their whole world has disappeared.



The Big Announcement!

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that new books are coming! I don’t have official dates yet, but never fear, you will be hearing all about them soon. Right now, I wanted to share about a super cool idea that I’ve been working on with my team.

A lot of readers have been asking for swag designs relating to Sanctuary, Texas and Somewhere, TX. So I am rolling out some awesome merchandise and I wanted to make it really really special and meaningful beyond just, hey! Look at this cool shirt…sooooo, if you haven’t heard yet that my husband and I are in the process of adopting! Surprise!

We are in the final stages of getting our license from the state so that we can apply to adopt a sibling set through CPS. We are just over the moon and we can’t wait to love on the kids God plans to eventually put in our home.

Through this process we learned a lot about the Foster care system and the overwhelming need kids in our foster agency’s shelter have for just basic things that a lot of us take for granted. Toothbrush. Hair brush. Socks. The list goes on and on.

And now the idea! Reader swag combined with a fundraiser! But before I get into all the details of the fundraiser we are going to have some fun.

I want to make sure you guys get to weigh in on the designs and what you’d like to represent those two series, especially since I’ve had so many people ask about it. We’ll do Soulmate Shifters series too, I promise. But For right now I’m focusing on Sanctuary and Somewhere TX series books and raising some extra money to get the kids at the shelter duffle bags of toiletry items they desperately need along with a few other bonus items, like socks or slippers and maybe some MP3 players. A lot of these kids arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

I can’t change the whole world, but this is a small corner that I can make better with your support. We can show these kids that they are loved. They are cared for. I even had a special design created just for the bags that will be given to them. I’ll show you guys that later too.

15% of all profits from my swag shop will go directly to ACH. I will be personally buying and packing the bags and delivering them. So you’ll get to see pictures of everything as the project moves along. I’m so excited you guys. This is going to be amazing.

I’ll be back tomorrow to show y’all the designs my team came up with and you can vote for your favorites to be made into shirts, hoodies, tote bags, coasters, all kinds of fun stuff! We’re going to have a contest and some giveaways, but the main event is the swag and the fundraiser for the kids and teens in the local shelter.

Please be sure to say hi in the comments below and if you feel led to share this video with your friends, it would mean the world to me. Thank you! I’ll see you tomorrow.