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#FeastOnFriday #WinnerAnnounced Snickerdoodle Blondies – Keto Recipe

This week was soooooo much fun and the recipe turned out amazing! The winner's name is announced in the video so be sure you go check it out. There are two videos because I was pretty sure no one wanted to stare at me for 18min while the food cooked! So there's a part 1 and part 2 video!

I will be contacting the lucky winner asap so I can mail out your copy of Kann and Penny's book – I'm Not Lion To You!

The recipes choices were amazing this week! Thank you for providing so many choices, it was really hard to pick again.

I had so much fun! Please comment on the video if you get a chance and please have a very Merry Christmas!

Also keep an eye out for the exclusive serial story (in newsletter) featuring Col and Naomi and some certain little bundles of joy I know you are curious about! I should have it ready for you right after Christmas!


Krystal Shannan

New Giveaway This Week! Have you entered?

As you are probably aware, as part of my new ‘hang out and get to know you' videos, I'm doing lives every week where I cook something on the ketogenic diet (low-carb) and I giveaway super fun swag or signed books!

So how do you win? Post a recipe or link to a recipe on either the Facebook video or YouTube video or right here on my Blog post! 

I'll check all the spots for entries, so you only need to comment in one place.

This week the prize is a signed paperback copy of I'M NOT LION TO YOU from the Soulmate Shifter Universe.

I will pick a recipe from the comments on either FB or YouTube or right here on my Blog and then cook it LIVE with you on Friday. Whoever's recipe I pick is the winner! Good luck and may the recipes ever be in your favor!

***ALSO, this is good for my USA and International peeps. If you get mail, I can send it!


Krystal Shannan

#FeastOnFriday with Krystal

Something super fun that I like to do every week is hang out with you guys, talk food, and then on Fridays I cook something that one of you recommended. There are two ways to participate. I know not everyone is on Facebook, so I always upload my live videos onto YouTube so everyone has access.

On Monday's check for a post on my Facebook Page and then later my YouTube channel where you can comment and give me recommendations for #keto recipes you want me to try. Posting a recipe or a link to a recipe is how you enter for that week's giveaway. Sometimes it's swag. Sometimes a signed book. And all my prizes are open to US and International fans, although if you live across one of the large salty ponds, it will probably take longer to get your prize. But I will still mail it!

Then Friday, usually in the evening, I will get on Facebook live and cook for you and chat! It really is a lot of fun.

If you don't know what keto is, really simply, it's a low-carb sugar-free lifestyle. I'm working hard to completely overhaul my habits and change the way I eat to be much healthier. This is a concern for so many of us in this day and age, I thought it would be a lot of fun to include all of you in the process. Even if you're not trying to lose weight like me, we're always looking for good things to eat, right?