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Keri Funderburg says October 1, 2018

No one answered the door, but I knew you were in here!

Valencia Bunkley says October 1, 2018

No they didn’t release that book yet

Jennifer Dunski says October 1, 2018

Can I gets some kisses

Rachel says October 1, 2018

Did you say ice cream? Sprinkles on mine please.

Moira says October 1, 2018

You promised to wait for me!

Stephanie Ebert says October 1, 2018

Hey guys is my mate in here?

Melissa Blackstocks says October 2, 2018

Did someone say tuna?

Charlene Lee says October 2, 2018

Excuse me Sir, do you have any Grey Poupon?

Cassandra says October 3, 2018

Is cold outside…I come in?

Cheryl says October 4, 2018

I smell my MATE !!

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