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Release Spotlight: Artemis’s Hunt by Lia Davis

Artemis's Hunt
(Sons of War #2.5)
By Lia Davis
Artemis, goddess of the hunt, has lived with heartache for the last fifteen hundred years, believing her only love is dead. That’s what her father—Zeus, king of the gods—told her. After recent events brought the truth to light, Artemis must gather the courage to face her lost love again.
Evangelos, former god of messengers, was content living in the mortal world until he discovered he has a daughter and her mother is Artemis. When the goddess shows up at his place of employment with tales of renewing his god status, he’s skeptical. Zeus wouldn't reverse the curse out of the goodness of his heart. There is always a catch. The god king wants something in return.
When Artemis explains she has to hunt down her stepmother, Hera, in order to get Evan back into Zeus’s good graces, Evan demands to accompany her. However, the journey turns out to be a test that could bring them closer together or tear them apart forever.
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Artemis crept through the
darkening forest, her bare feet barely making a sound as she hunted her prey.
The scent of damp earth and spring wildflowers filled the air. The thump, thump of her heartbeat and that of the deer hiding amongst the
foliage a few feet away were the only sounds.
The doe’s head rose above the
brush, her ears flickered as she carefully stepped forward. Artemis stilled,
slowly pulled an arrow from her quiver and drew her bow. Before she could fire,
the animal jerked her head toward Artemis, then took off in the opposite
Damn. So close.
A familiar, masculine scent
mixed with that of forest and earth met her nose. Annoyance bathed her, turning
to anger as she twisted sharply to face the intruder. Evangelos, minor god of
the messengers, stood a few feet away, his own bow at the ready. She snarled,
glancing from the bow to the smug look on his face.
“I thought Hermes taught
his sons better manners. Don’t you know it is dangerous to sneak up on me
during a hunt?”
One large, bare shoulder rose in
a lazy shrug as he stalked closer. She planted her feet in place, refusing to
show him any type of weakness—he would never know how her body heated when he
was near, something she hadn’t experienced with any other man.
She was a pure goddess,
untouched by the desires of the flesh, and she would stay that way. Not even
Evangelos could change who she was or her nature.
He stopped a foot away, the heat
from his virile body reaching out to her, coaxing her to come closer. “I want
you to teach me to hunt.”
Steeling her spine, she narrowed
her gaze at him. “You can already hunt.”
“Not like you. I want you to
show me your way.”
He took a step nearer. She
desperately wanted to move away, but giving up ground would be a sign of
weakness. “Does the reason matter?”
No, it didn't matter. She
couldn't care less why he wanted her to teach him. “What do you offer me in
return?” He had to know asking a boon of her meant she’d require some sort of
payment in exchange.
One corner of his mouth lifted,
drawing her attention to his full lips. What was wrong with her? She must be
ill. It was the only reasonable explanation for her reaction to him. When he
spoke, his tone softened, almost to a whisper. “I offer my services to you
during the time it takes you to teach me.”
Suspicion crawled up her spine.
“What services?”
He closed the distance between
them until only a breath separated them. 
“Anything you wish, my goddess.”
She was fully unprepared for
what happened next. When his soft lips brushed hers, every nerve in her body
lit up as if charged by lightning. For a moment she allowed his testing caress,
but when he wrapped an arm around her waist, she broke the kiss and slapped
him. The sound of the strike echoed off the trees as his head whipped to the
side, thunder to emphasize the storm he’d awakened with his touch.
that again and I’ll kill you,” she warned.

About The Author

Lia Davis is the author of the bestselling shifter series, Ashwood Falls, a mother to two young adults and three kitties, a wife to her soul mate, and co-owner to Fated Desires Publishing, LLC. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers. But it’s her home and she loves it! 

An accounting major, Lia has always been a dreamer with a very active imagination. The wheels in her head never stop. She ventured into the world of writing and publishing in 2008 and loves it more than she imagined. Writing is stress reliever that allows her to go off in her corner of the house and enter into another world that she created, leaving real life where it belongs. 

Her favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature and hanging out with her kitties.

You can find Lia at

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Brought to His Knees Box Set Release

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Kristin Elyon’s debut release – Melissa’s Fate

Please give the fabulous Kristin a warm welcome. Not only is she a good storyteller, she is a fabulous and sweet person! Her first book MELISSA'S FATE released recently and I'm so excited for her.


 Title: Melissa's Fate
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 10 2013


Life was quite predictable for Melissa Clayton, she had a good job, a loving boyfriend and everything seemed to have fallen in place for her. However when a family emergency arises, she leaves Texas for a while, engaging in a long distance relationship with her lover. When she returns things are not the same.

Heartbroken she moves back to California vowing to never love again. But life can be unpredictable. A blind date with a handsome young designer, proves to be just the beginning of something beautiful for the emotionally scarred Melissa. Perhaps everything she’d been through was meant to bring her to this point.

Could this be her fate? Could David Whitmore be the ONE?

Want a Sexy Snippet?

“It’s just a little ice,” he spoke in a low,
seductive manner.  Taking the cube of ice, he brought it from her pussy,
to her bountiful melon shaped breasts.  As he locked his eyes on hers,
David traced along the perimeter of her now hardened nipples.

Mel moaned in delight, as he masked
the chill of the ice with the warmness of his tongue.  “Whoa!” she
cringed, taking another deep breath.  Her juices were slowly making their
way from the top of her spine, down her back and crashing down between her
David was an expert at this beyond
any doubt and he basked in the knowledge that he was pleasuring her,
immensely.  His sweet caresses became more intense as he rolled his tongue
over an around her hardened nipple. Tearing his lips away from her, he allowed a
few droplets of the water to sip from the melting ice cube to her overly
sensitive peak.  As the cold liquid, landed on her, a jolt of pleasure cut
through Mel.  Once again, her breath caught in her throat, when he took
her nipple into the warmness of his mouth, sucking hard and amplifying her
desire for him
When he suddenly withdrew himself
and took her into his arms again, she almost cursed him for stopping. 
However, she quickly realized that they were simply moving to his bedroom. 

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About the Author: 

During the day I work as a senior portrait photographer and a graphic
designer. I'm also a college student who loves zombies, vampires, and
werewolves. Anything supernatural I am drawn to along with Starbucks
frapes! I spend my free time watching The Vampire Diaries and True

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