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Day 7 – The Countdown Continues…

I'm so excited to continue the countdown to MY VAMPIRE KNIGHT's release! TWO MORE DAYS!!!! We're so close!

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If you missed the previous days' giveaways, be sure to go back and visit the earlier blog posts and enter those rafflecopters as well! All the giveaways run until the end of the month. So you have lots of time to make sure you get your name in ALL the “hats” so to speak! Good luck! And thank you for reading!

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Exclusive EXCERPT!


His hand shot out to steady me, and I couldn’t help the smile that tugged the edges of my mouth. What was I? An infatuated, hormonal teenager? I was being ridiculous over a man. A gorgeous-tanned-muscled-sex-on-a-stick man with enough dominance that I’d never have to wear “the pants” around him. He made me feel small and feminine and dying to please. No man had ever elicited that feeling from me. Not in four thousand years.

Are you caught up and ready for the thrilling end to the Sanctuary Texas Series?

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Countdown to Release – DAY 7 GIVEAWAY

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Day 5 – The Countdown Continues…

Only a few more days until Calliope and Godric are here! So excited. I can't wait for you to read their story.

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Exclusive Sneak Peek!


His bite made me hotter than I already was. I wanted him. All of him. And I wanted him to take me. Right here. Against the wall of the castle. I wanted to feel him inside me.

I shivered through another pull from his mouth on my neck. He growled something, but I couldn’t tell what through his mouthful of—me. Shit! His mouth was full of me. When had that happened? My brain was moving as if I were wandering through a fog.

Then it cleared.

I shoved at his chest, but it was like trying to move a mountain. His arms tightened around me, and his possessive snarl sent a chill down my spine. “Stop,” I said a little louder. “Now.” I pounded his chest. I had to get away before…then I felt his tongue, and everything slipped from my grasp. Control was gone. I hadn’t meant to give it to him. He’d healed me with his blood. He’d connected us in a way that couldn’t be undone.

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Day 5 Giveaway!

Books, Books, and more Books!
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Day 4 – The Countdown Continues!

Welcome back to my cave! So glad you're counting down with me to the release of MY VAMPIRE KNIGHT!

I hope you're enjoying the digital art!

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Are you caught up and ready for the thrilling end to the Sanctuary Texas Series?

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Mystery Signed Krystal Shannan/ Emma Roman Paperbacks!
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MY VIKING VAMPIRE is almost here! Pre-Order now!

I'm so excited to share with you that MY VIKING VAMPIRE is now available at iBooks, Amazon, and Kobo for Pre-Order! So excited. If you are one of my Nook readers, just watch for my newsletter next week! It will have all the links in it for you.
I'm super pumped to launch the Sanctuary, Texas series! It's one of my favorite books I've written so far and I know you will just fall in love with Bailey and Erick, just like I did. It's a story of trust and healing and most of all, love. I hope you join me on this new adventure into the world of Sanctuary, Texas.


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A Summer For Love Blog Hop! #SummerForLoveHop

A Summer for love blog hopHi! So glad you came by today to visit!
A Summer For Love… I think of picnics, strawberries, a sweet chilled wine, and the man I love spread out on a blanket with my head nestled comfortably in the crook of his shoulder. Heaven. The sun is bright, but not blinding and a soft breeze stirs the air, cooling the summer warmth just enough to make it very comfortable. That's what I want 🙂

Here's a hot summer excerpt from my book LIZZY. Enjoy!


“Can we eat outside? The sunset is just gorgeous.”

“Sure. Let me get us some tea and I’ll meet you out there.”

“I can help. I really do feel fine.”

“Let me pamper you some.” He shooed her out the door and she wandered over to an uncovered portion of the patio with two chairs and a small square table between them. The wooden chair was surprisingly comfortable. She leaned her head back and soaked in the multi-colored kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and yellows. So beautiful. She closed her eyes and listened to the waves on the lake.

“Are you sleeping again?” He chuckled as he put down a tray of food and two glasses of iced tea.

“No!” She turned abruptly to face him, catching the tail end of a wide grin. Tease. “I love this place. I don’t know how you leave it behind and come back to the city again once the weekends are over. I could live out here permanently.”

“I’m glad you like it. I’d hoped you would.”

“How do you have the time to keep it so immaculate?” Her mom was a neat freak, but this place resembled a photo in a magazine.

“Oh, I have help. Greg takes care of the outside and his wife, Terri, makes sure the inside stays in order. She also stocks the fridge for me every Friday.”

“Who are they?”

“They live down the road a couple miles. My grandfather hired them to take care of the property several years before I inherited it.” He sat in the chair next to her and grabbed a cracker from the plate. “They already knew the property, so I kept the same contract with them my grandfather already had.”

She bit into a sweet grape and couldn’t help the little moan of pleasure that slipped from her lips.


Their gazes locked and she nodded. “Thank you. It’s all delicious. I know it’s not what you’d rather be eating.”

His eyes darkened. Or maybe it was the light from the sun fading to blues and purples.

“I would much rather a taste of you,” he said.

Nerves fired throughout her body, sending arousing flutters of anticipations across her skin. The ever-present hum of her libido kicked into high gear and her pussy throbbed. She wanted the same thing. After so many weeks of sneaking around, trying to find a moment to be alone…Now they had a whole two days.


Lizzy - standardKeeping secrets is dangerous…and painful.

The last man who found out Lizzy MacLaughlin’s secret left without so much as a goodbye. Now, utterly in love, Lizzy holds her breath that her six-month relationship with retired army ranger, Ethan Hart, won’t end the same way.

Life is never perfect…or easy.

Ethan is head-over-heels in love with Lizzy, and warring schedules make time together precious. Determined to be together without interruptions, they plan a weekend getaway at his lake house –unaware the past Ethan is trying to ignore is coming hell-bent on destroying what Ethan holds most dear.

Will Lizzy’s secret tear them apart, or will something far worse threaten their very lives?

Available @ Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | B&N


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Krystal Shannan

Celebrate Romance Blog Hop

blog hop


Hi everyone! Welcome to the Celebrate Romance Blog Hop!

I hope you will take a few minutes to explore my website.

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The perfect date for me would be a leisurely dinner in Tuscany, with fresh food and good wine.

Followed by a night in a really comfy bed with the love of my life 🙂

Tell me your idea of the perfect date to be entered to win.

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My giveaway is a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

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How Romance Novels Can Enhance Your Sex Life

eroticlitHow Romance Novels Can Enhance Your Sex Life

There's nothing like a good book. From the way it pulls you in and makes you think, a great novel can have a lasting effect on you. Although romance books are often overlooked and not considered in the same vein as other works of literature, they can be just as beneficial. What's more, a well-crafted piece of erotica can heat up your relationship or add fire to your dull sex life. For single women, romance novels can provide some of the intimacy that comes with being in a relationship and the sexual stimulation that you may be lacking. If you're in a relationship, an erotic novel can teach you and your partner more about each other and yourselves. Whether you dig into a story full of lust and sex or indulge in an enchanting tale of love, try reading a sizzling romantic book.

For couples, erotic literature can give you and your partner the boost you need in the boudoir. While sex does play a significant role in romance novels, emotional and mental passion are also major themes as the characters usually have strong romantic ties to each other as well. So, besides ravishing each other, these characters express their desires through romantic exchanges and actions, which can help you rekindle that romantic side of your relationship. In addition, erotic lit can also lead to further sexual exploration by you and your mate. Who knows, you two could enjoy that bondage novel so much that you decide to watch some kink films then indulge in some Adam & Eve bondage gear of your own. Explore erotica and you'll find that the possibilities for rejuvenating your relationship are endless.

Regardless of your relationship status, you can easily fall into a sexual rut or develop a non-existent sex life. Because of the overt sexual content and kinky scenarios, romance literature can reignite your sexual feelings and add some much needed sensual stimulation. Women in particular benefit from a good erotic piece as it allows them to use their imagination and provides mental stimulation, unlike adult magazines and videos which show graphic sexual images and are more geared to men. Romance books can also awaken desires that you never knew or realized you had. Read an erotic novel with scenes and situations that include different positions, and improve your skills in bed. You may even find you want to try something completely foreign and out of the ordinary like a threesome or anal play. For those who are shy or may not be ready to explore these new sexual activities with others, romance pieces allow you to fantasize and engage in some of these activities on your own. In addition, reading erotica can help you build up your sexual confidence and self-esteem, making you more bold and less meek when it comes to both sex and dating.

Whether you read them alone or share stories with your mate, incorporating a sensual piece of literature in your sex life can change the way you perform, respond to your partner, and feel about your sexual self.