Day 5 - The Countdown Continues... - Krystal Shannan

Day 5 – The Countdown Continues…

Only a few more days until Calliope and Godric are here! So excited. I can't wait for you to read their story.

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Exclusive Sneak Peek!


His bite made me hotter than I already was. I wanted him. All of him. And I wanted him to take me. Right here. Against the wall of the castle. I wanted to feel him inside me.

I shivered through another pull from his mouth on my neck. He growled something, but I couldn’t tell what through his mouthful of—me. Shit! His mouth was full of me. When had that happened? My brain was moving as if I were wandering through a fog.

Then it cleared.

I shoved at his chest, but it was like trying to move a mountain. His arms tightened around me, and his possessive snarl sent a chill down my spine. “Stop,” I said a little louder. “Now.” I pounded his chest. I had to get away before…then I felt his tongue, and everything slipped from my grasp. Control was gone. I hadn’t meant to give it to him. He’d healed me with his blood. He’d connected us in a way that couldn’t be undone.

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June 5, 2017
Lisa Ward - June 5, 2017

I enjoy reading about all different types of shifters..
So anything you write is Awesome..

Laura Brooks - June 5, 2017

I love all paranormal creatures so you write about pretty much anything and I would want to read it lol!

Lucretia D Stanhope (@DianaS58) - June 5, 2017

I enjoy anything that has a magical element. Some paranormal being, it nice when that is heroine instead of her love interest as it usually the case.

Nina Hilden - June 5, 2017

Doesn’t matter what you write, I will enjoy reading it, so keep doing what you’ve been doing so far

Lee Murray - June 5, 2017

Your writing is great! Hiw could I possibly tell you what to write next? Maybe a spirit caught between two realities?? Only the hero or heroine can see?

Francina - June 5, 2017

I don’t know what you should write next but whatever it is I’m positive it will be awesome!!

Emily - June 5, 2017

I like vampires, but will read just about anything lol.

Barbara B - June 5, 2017

Love Vampires!

Melanie B - June 5, 2017

I’m sure anything you write will be awesome!

Anca B. - June 5, 2017

Maybe angels or cyborgs.

Marie R - June 5, 2017

Doesn’t matter what you write because I always know that anything you write will be a great read!!

Jennifer Dunski - June 5, 2017

I love your work Krystal! Maybe something along the lines of angels and demons!?!? ?????????

Aline F Lewis-Pack - June 5, 2017

I’d love more Vampires
Thank you

Tanja Dancy - June 5, 2017

A twisted fairytale or retelling. I love fairytales. I love the show Once Upon a Time.

Tracy Jacobs - June 5, 2017

Anything love your writing

Lori johnson - June 5, 2017

I love all of your books!!

Joy Giachino - June 5, 2017

Dragon or vamp

Alysha - June 5, 2017

Love all the books!! Maybe a hybrid series ?

Gladys Nason - June 5, 2017

Dragon or Gargoyle Shifters!!

Bobbi Kinion - June 5, 2017

Anything you write is amazing

Tamara Kasyan - June 5, 2017

Another paranormal series…don’t really care what the subject is…they are all good!

artemisgeminii - June 5, 2017

I think Amazons or Valkries, somw women with gifts who come forward to help mankind

Colleen C. - June 5, 2017

More paranormals!

Linda M. - June 5, 2017

I like most shifter stories, also sci-fi romance with aliens instead of shifters.

Peggy Serour - June 5, 2017

I like all kind of books

Megan Baumiller - June 5, 2017

Anything you write will be amazing

Kimmi Wakefield - June 5, 2017

Paranormal Vampires, shifters are my favorite

Pansy Petal - June 5, 2017

The characters that are screaming the loudest in your head!

JeanMP - June 5, 2017

I enjoy your books, so what ever you write it will be amazing.

narco54nannie - June 5, 2017

Since I haven’t gotten all your books as of yet I can’t say which one is my favorite. However I can tell you that I would love another series, maybe even a spin off from this series. Just make sure it take’s after this series by being professional, different, thinking outside of the box. I know they don’t feel that at this moment in time. I’m sure if you do that I won’t forget about an upcoming new series of books and neither will your reader’s be the bad guys…
Congratulations on your book…. Happy New Baby Month… Take care …

narco54nannie - June 5, 2017

Just to clarify I was trying to be funny by Congratulating you about your baby! Meaning the book! Not sure anyone would get my sense of humor… CONGRATULATIONS again.

Cynthia Brooks - June 5, 2017

Love your books from Somewhere,Texas!!!!

Crystal Watson - June 5, 2017

Vegas mates

Heather Vance - June 5, 2017

Vampires are my favorite.

Debra Shutters - June 5, 2017

What ever you write is fine with me 🙂

byrnemanis - June 5, 2017

I will read whatever you write next, just glad you are writing. Thank you.

Sara - June 5, 2017

I enjoy reading all of your books so anything you write I will read ??

jennifer beck - June 5, 2017

anything so what ever you want to wright

LaGina Keisha Hagerman-Reese - June 5, 2017

Vampires….elves…….just about anything you write I would read. 😉

Tina R - June 5, 2017

Doesn’t matter. I’ll read whatever you write next.

Mary Preston - June 5, 2017


Nicole - June 5, 2017

Ive really enjoyed everything youve written so far so im sure whatever you decide will be amazing. I did loved My Guardian Gryphon so maybe you could expand on that and do a mythical creatures/greek god series.
Or you could do a play on the Somewhere series and do 3 sisters this time or something.

geenakmom - June 5, 2017

Something with sexy shifters!

Shandra Torbett - June 5, 2017

Somewhere, TX is my favorite world of yours to visit. I loved all the Moonbound series. I’m a diehard paranormal fan though so it’s not surprising.

Charice Mehring - June 5, 2017

Anything paranormal.

isisthe12th - June 5, 2017

I agree! Paranormal Romance. Thank you

Lori Byrd - June 5, 2017

Anything with romance.

angela kemp - June 5, 2017

more sanctuary!

Christina Burrus - June 5, 2017

Paranormal romance is the best!!!

K - June 5, 2017


Margaret Appel - June 5, 2017

Something paranormal, something with a twist, throw in a dash of cozy mysteries, maybe a cat or two, and go for it! Ok, really I love everything you write, so whatever calls your name next, feel free to write! <3

Tammy Ramey - June 5, 2017

my favorite genre is paranormal erotic romance so i would love it if you wrote something in a menage a’ more vein. 🙂

bn100 - June 5, 2017


Tina Carlson - June 5, 2017

I love reading all different kind of books
So I’m sure what ever you write I will love
Thank you for the chance

shancol19 - June 5, 2017


Maria Dalmau - June 6, 2017

Anything you decide to write I’ll read.
Thank you for the amazing giveaways ❤

Iliana Gkioni - June 6, 2017

I would love to see more about the Djinn……..

Alma Conchas - June 6, 2017

Anything you write I would read so I would leave it up to you to see what it is you want to write next!

Emily - June 6, 2017

I would love to see a swap where the hero is a human being introduced to the paranormal by the heroine.

Ashley F. - June 6, 2017

I’am a big shifter fan personally, but whatever you have the most fun doing would be cool too. 🙂

Suzanne - June 6, 2017

Anything paranormal…maybe werepanthers

louisamay29 - June 7, 2017

I don’t mind I enjoy all your books

Nancy j Burgess - June 7, 2017

Dragons are my favorite.

Devon - June 7, 2017

Anything more you want to write about in Sanctuary would be great! (I hope you’re not done with the series…)

carol L - June 7, 2017

This excerpt is amazing. I’ll read any paranormal shifters. Love vamps and wolves . Also the Fae.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Sheila - June 7, 2017

Anything you write will be good. 🙂

Jenny - June 7, 2017

more somewhere, TX

Andrea McParland - June 7, 2017

More hot Vikings?

Angela Hankins - June 7, 2017

Vampires were my first love!

Jennifer H. - June 7, 2017

More Vikings books.

John H. - June 7, 2017

Shape Shifters

Latifa Morrisette - June 9, 2017

More Viking books

Heather Strand - June 10, 2017

I love sexy shifters! 😉

Shannon Ferguson - June 11, 2017

Anything you want to cuz you’re a great writer!

Tina S. - June 12, 2017

Two of your books both of which I want. plus some hot cowboys. You have put together swag packs!

Artemis Giote - June 13, 2017

I would like to read a series with greek mythology in it, with a lot romance!!!!

davisbk121 - June 13, 2017

I like the vampire romance best, so more, please. 🙂

Samantha Woods - June 13, 2017

I would love to seem more books in the Pool of Souls series. That is the series that made me an absolute fan of yours… <3

Mina Gerhart - June 23, 2017

Maybe Gargoyle shifters? Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

Jana Leah - June 26, 2017

I love shifters, so anything shifter related would be great.

scooby doo - June 27, 2017

any shifter or paranormal is good

mythic021 - June 27, 2017

I love shifters. Maybe more dragons.

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