Exclusive Excerpt Friday from Seducing a Wolf - Krystal Shannan

Exclusive Excerpt Friday from Seducing a Wolf

Seducing a Wolf is the 5th book in my paranormal romance shifter series, Moonbound. The complete paranormal romance series is now available! The Moonbound series was so much fun to write with my fellow author, Camryn Rhys. If you have not checked out this werewolf shifter series, now is your chance!

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She's an enigma.

Controlling and driven by day.

Sensual and submissive by night.

And his plan is simple…

Seduce her into submission.

In order to find the crack in an enemy's business, Alejandro Sureda and his pack must find a weakness on the inside. And their rival's beautiful daughter, Juliana, is their greatest shot. But when Alex starts to feel a connection for her, he has a decision to make: protect her from the truth or reveal her father for who he truly is.

Seducing a Wolf is #5 in the Moonbound Series, meant to be read in order, and a spinoff of the VonBrandt Wolves from Somewhere, TX.



June 24, 2016