The Werewolf Ranger

Exclusive Excerpt Friday ~ The Werewolf Ranger

Check out this exclusive excerpt from The Werewolf Ranger. This paranormal shifter romance was so much fun to write and I hope you enjoy it! Currently the first five books in this series are available!

Moonbound Series, Book #3

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Rainier DuBois leaves a secure life as a leader of the Black Wolves Rangers in order to help his alpha find the source of a reported rash of unbonded wolves. Unbonded wolves are unsafe. They represent a threat to the security of hidden packs all over the world. Rain’s only mission is to lead a new team of enforcers from all over the country into the heart of Mexico to find a madman.

Until he meets Nora Cavanaugh.

With an overbearing father tracking her every step, Nora sees the mission to Mexico as a way to escape Daddy’s grasp. She will do his bidding while she must, but every spare moment will be devoted to chasing away the demons of her last lover. Only when she hooks up with Rain, the familiar edge of magick won’t leave her alone. But Nora can’t afford to indulge that magick, or she will put herself and the mission…and Rain…in horrific danger.



February 19, 2016