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#FeastOnFriday #WinnerAnnounced Snickerdoodle Blondies – Keto Recipe

This week was soooooo much fun and the recipe turned out amazing! The winner’s name is announced in the video so be sure you go check it out. There are two videos because I was pretty sure no one wanted to stare at me for 18min while the food cooked! So there’s a part 1 and part 2 video!

I will be contacting the lucky winner asap so I can mail out your copy of Kann and Penny’s book – I’m Not Lion To You!

The recipes choices were amazing this week! Thank you for providing so many choices, it was really hard to pick again.

I had so much fun! Please comment on the video if you get a chance and please have a very Merry Christmas!

Also keep an eye out for the exclusive serial story (in newsletter) featuring Col and Naomi and some certain little bundles of joy I know you are curious about! I should have it ready for you right after Christmas!


Krystal Shannan