Have You Read Trevor? (A contemporary romance)

Have You Read Trevor?

Looking for a fun contemporary romance?  Trevor is the first book in my MacLaughlin Family series.  This novella is packed full of sexy fun!


Series: MacLaughlin Family, Book 1

Length: Novella

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Trevor MacLaughlin has been in love with his sister’s best friend for years. But, he let her move away to college without ever telling her how he felt and hasn’t seen her since.

Now, years later, a second chance with the woman of his dreams practically falls into his lap.

Will he take a leap of faith and tell her how he feels? How he’s always felt? Or will the woman he knows is meant to be his slip through his fingers a second time?

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 Long Excerpt (Beginning of Chapter One) 

His chair hit the wall with a heavy thud. He raced to the lobby. Karen Ramsey, his best friend’s wife, was hunched over her desk, her face twisted in pain. She wasn’t due for two weeks. Apparently the baby was calling an audible.he sound of a woman screaming in agony was not what Trevor MacLaughlin expected to hear on a quiet Tuesday morning at the office.

What the hell am I supposed to do now?

He ran to Karen’s side. She grabbed his hand, squeezing it hard enough to cut off his circulation and pop a few joints.


She sucked in a few more breaths and wheezed, gradually releasing her death-grip on his hand. He flexed it, popping his knuckles back into alignment. Damn, she was strong.

“I thought they were just Braxton Hicks last night, bu—”

He winced. Her fingers clamped down hard and another wail filled the small office.

The growling scream tapered off and she glanced up, meeting his gaze. “I guess I was wrong,” she finished, so matter-of-factly, like she hadn’t just been screaming bloody murder.

“Braxton what?” he asked without thinking.

“Oh don’t worry, just get my bag out of the coat closet. I need a ride to the hospital.”

He stared. His brain hadn’t quite caught up with the situation. He’d known Karen for years and she never complained about anything. All the MacLaughlin brothers had watched over her during the pregnancy. Logan, her husband, had been deployed when she was twelve weeks along.

They’d brought her food everyday. Drove her to and from work and coddled her in every way they could devise. They discovered early, if they kept her fed and pampered she purred like a kitten 24/7. Even their mom and sister teased them about doting on her too much. But in their eyes, Karen was just an extension of the family and she’d kept MacLaughlin Corp. running smoothly for the past six years.

“Trevor! Now!”

Her snarl snapped him out of his daze.

“Unless you’d rather deliver this baby yourself?”

“No, ma’am.” He moved swiftly to the closet, retrieved her overnight bag, and was back at her side in seconds.

He walked her slowly out to his big dually pick-up, parked in the front lot, lifted her up, and placed her gently into the passenger seat. After clipping her seatbelt into place, he hurried around the truck and climbed in next to her.

They weren’t far from the hospital. Ten minutes and three contractions later, he whisked her through the sliding emergency room door.

“Call my mother before you come into the delivery room,” she hollered as the nurses wheeled her down the hallway.

“Into the…Karen,” he gulped. “I don’t know if—”

“You call my mom, Trevor MacLaughlin and get your ass in here with me until she arrives. I’m not doing this alone!”

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April 29, 2015