VonBrandt Wolf Pack

Here are the books in this series, listed in the recommended reading order. Click the covers to learn more about each book, find retailer links, read excerpts, etc.

VonBrandt Wolf Pack Volume One

Enjoy the first three books in the VonBrandt Wolf Pack series in one convenient boxset. A steamy paranormal romance set in the small town of Somewhere, Texas! With 500+ five star reviews, you don’t want to miss this bundle! This collection includes: To Save A Mate: Somewhere, TXWhen an accident threatens Kara’s life, Luke risks everything to save the girl he’s always loved — even if it means revealing his inner wolf… Luke’s wolf insists he find a way to claim her as his own, but Kara’s broken heart will fight him every step of the way. To Love A Mate: Somewhere, TXCan a small-town cowboy win the heart of a woman who doesn’t have one? Surviving charity functions by day and automatic weapons and death threats by night, Emma Carrington learned to be as hard as the men her daddy hired to protect her. Hell, she even carried a military grade stun gun in her Prada bag and could shoot just as well as any of her ex-military bodyguards if the need arose. When a failed kidnapping attempt forces her to hide out in Somewhere, Texas, Emma finds herself stranded, floundering through cow patties, and desperate for a car. Who better to “borrow” from than the sexy naked man she sees turn into a wolf and leave his perfectly good pickup truck available for use, right? When a beautiful blonde woman trespasses on the ranch and sees him transform, Noah knows he only has two choices —claim her or

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