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Our family is pursuing adoption through the state of Texas and through that process we’ve felt called to support the children/teen shelter associated with our adoption agency. These kids often arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their back and we want to help provide them with necessities. Things that so many of us take for granted every single day. I pack special backpacks for the kids, with toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, socks, etc. Each completed bag costs approximately $45 (packed and ready to go).

15% of all profits from any of my store campaigns goes toward this endeavor. The shelter is in Fort Worth, Texas, about 20 min from my house. This is an ongoing outreach for me and I hope to make deliveries of bags 4-6 times per year depending on donations and purchases! 

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I’ve had a lot of people ask if they could donate straight to the project! Absolutely. If you are interested in making a cash donation, I can accept gifts via PayPal. Please be sure you put a note attached to your donation –ACH Fundraiser–.

If you’d like to donate physical items, please contact me via my contact form to get my mailing address.

Fan Favorites!

Admit it…Books are better when there are Dragons!Available in Clothing | Bags | Accessories

Always be yourself. Unless…you can be a dragon…then always be a dragon. Available in Clothing | Bags | Accessories

Some people say I don’t play well with others, but I say it depends on who it is and what they want to play.Available in Clothing | Bags | Accessories

I rode a dragon, swam with mermaids, and howled at the moon. How was your weekend?Available in Clothing | Bags | Accessories

Always be yourself. Unless…you can be a dragon…then always be a dragon.Available as a 14oz travel mug

Fly with the Sanctuary, Texas Dragons. Available in Clothing | Bags | Accessories

Beautiful Book Nerd.Available in Clothing | Bags | Accessories

Moonbound wolf mate bond in old Irish/Gaelic Available in Clothing | Bags | Accessories

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