Teaser Tuesday from Of Spells and Shadows

Today I am proudly introducing the first book of a new series, Of Spells and Shadows! Of Spells and Shadows is the first book in the Courts of Draiochta series!


Of Spells and Shadows (Book One)

By Camryn Rhys and Krystal Shannan

Two eunuchs and a virgin walk into a bar…

Orphaned as a child and desperate to belong to someone, Kinsey Fletcher will do anything to find her uncle–her last living relative. This young witch has an impenetrable bond with Colin Ward, the wolf who saved her as a child, but nothing can replace the unconditional love that was stripped from her so long ago. When Dominic, the captain of the wolf guard, is tasked to escort Kinsey to America to find this absent uncle, Colin’s jealousy puts the trio at risk. Kinsey belongs to him–only to him.

But America doesn’t provide Kinsey with the joy she so desperately searched for. The magickal world is corrupt and full of politics, betrayal, and lies. And now, Dominic, Colin, and Kinsey can’t trust anyone–possibly not even each other. Can Kinsey find the love and belonging she desires, or will she be forced to push away both of the men who have saved her life?

The Courts of Draiochta were built in the Dark Ages to protect witches from human barbarians. But one man threatens to unravel centuries of work, and the mothers of the magick world–the Mathairs–have no choice but to hide his existence.

“Of Spells and Shadows is just what I need in a fantasy saga–alpha wolves, a steely heroine, and a plot that makes you turn the page faster and faster.” — Carrie Ann Ryan, NYT Bestselling Author of the Talon Pack Series


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