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To Find a Mate

To Find a Mate

He’s nursing a broken heart, and he’s her first love… she just needs to tell him…

Everyone in Adam VonBrandt’s world seems to have found their mate. Except him. With several families of wolves in town for a moon run, there have never been so many choices. Surely, he can find a mate among all those single women.

Paige Wheeler sees her big, smiling rancher every Friday morning for six years. When her boss gives her one Friday off, she has to find a way to get into the bakery. Doesn’t everyone know she needs to see Adam every week? But when she starts blathering about hallucinating a couple of werewolves, she becomes Adam’s biggest priority. He just has to get his hands on her…

From sweet crushes to wild tangled limbs this mating will have your emotions seesawing. Once again Ms. Shannan and Ms. Rhys have delivered a heart-wrenching journey to HEA.”                                                                – Reviewer