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Hi everyone! Thanks for coming by! Please be sure to leave comments below to tell me what kinds of swag you like to purchase. Shirts? Hoodies? Bags? Jewelry? Mugs?

Then also cast your vote on your favorite designs to be made into swag to represent the Sanctuary, TX series and the VonBrandt, Moonbound, Somewhere, TX books!

1)Pick a letter (A, B, C) for the Sanctuary series

2) Pick (2) numbers for Somewhere, TX (There are a mix of designs for the Moonbound/VonBrandt books and then 3 designs for Everyday Joes’ bar!

Just a quick reminder if you missed my previous video explaining the project. 15% of profits from the swag shop will be used to build bags for the kids at my adoption agency’s shelter (local to me in Fort Worth). Help me, help these kids! We can do it together! We can make sure these kids are seen and heard and feel just a little bit of love when it looks like their whole world has disappeared.



22 Responses

    1. Oops, forgot to give my choices. A for the Santuary series, 3 for the Moonbound series, and 5 for the Somewhere TX series. ?

  1. You might want to pack everything in backpacks to help them carry he items. Plus they can use them every day. I know my nieces and nephews have all their belongings in their backpacks!

  2. I like all of them. The shirts would be tank or short sleeve, bags are always great, you can put your gift in bag & they then have 2gifts. Mugs are great for coffee or hot chocolate. And who doesn’t love jewelry.

  3. I like long sleeve shirts and hoodies.. I like symbol A for sanctuary. I like symbols 1 and 6. I love your books and look forward to the new ones that are coming out. Good luck with the fund razer and your swag line.

  4. So this is late.. It’s swag so pretty much all of it, however I do like to collect shirts.. as for designs- Sanctuary Series definitely A. For Somewhere, Tx 3 & 6.

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