Why Do I Read Paranormal Romance?

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It’s all romance and adventure and magick all the time here! If you like your books to feel like action movies, I’m your gal. My inspiration for action and adventure and hero material comes from longstanding favorites like Indiana Jones and Die Hard. Inspiration for my heroines and romance come from favorites like How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Pretty Woman, and Chasing Liberty– with the spunky free spirit who can kick some butt and take names when necessary. You know…A free spirit with a little bit of Lagertha from The Vikings thrown in for good measure. Or Lara Croft…

Why do you read paranormal/fantasy romance? What is it about paranormal romance that draws you in?

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  1. I read PNR to get away from the day to day b.s we all go through (called life). It helps me visualize people and places that are new and exciting, while helping me control my pain. When I’m immersed in a really good PNR book, the endorphins increase, decreasing my pain at the same time. I truly adore PNR & UF.

  2. Hi I love reading paranormal books as it gives you a reason to believe that you are part of the stories. It also gives you an escape from what is going on in the world at the moment.

  3. I read it for the adventure. Whimsical and exciting isn’t exactly in my everyday life so I’ll take it where I can get it.

  4. I like them, cause it takes me out of my real world issues. I have MS and I’m a at home mom now. So it pass the time with a little excitement lol. I love them lol my husband be like why are you smiling, when I be reading. I just say this is a really good book. Keep up the good work Krystal.

  5. I love the feel of feelings. Feelings that you don’t find and feel in real life. Strong heroines standing and facing their life problems and sexy, strong and courageous heros who would go to any lengths to to protect and love and cherish their ladies (mates). You start reading a story and create a dream world of your own fantasizing yourselves as living in the story. As if its your life you are looking at but from a different point of view. Learning to face your life’s crisis or problems from the characters in the story.

  6. Why do I read paranormal/fantasy romance? What is it about paranormal romance that draws me in?
    I read for the escape. I enjoy the worlds that I get to visit. If the world-building is great, it will draw me in so much that I am surprised to be back in the real world at the end. Those are my favorites.
    During the worst of the pandemic, stuck at home, these and other genres helped me respite.

    Thanks for sharing your talent.

  7. I read paranormal romances because I love the sexy men who no matter what commit to their women loyally. The couples weather many trails and yet stick it out. Unlike in reality where most couples break up when they hit the first bump.

  8. I read paranormal because I get out of my head, forget the junk going on in the world, and just relax. I like that the stories generally have a happy ending with a dedicated couple who love, trust and protect each other with respect.

  9. I read to escape. When I was a kid it was westerns and sci-fi. Now it’s westerns, sci-fi and paranormal, but add in the sexy times.

  10. Romance and the other life always fascinates me and I am strawberry to it. Love the pixies, dragons and dominate male types! Sexy scenes always give me ideas!!!

  11. I love to read paranormal because they always seem to fall so hard for the love interest and I don’t read any cheating in those books don’t like cheating hurts my heart and I read to escape reality

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